Author archives: Louise Ashcroft

  • In 2011 I stopped praying. I had been a keen prayer for most of my life until then. I was brought up a Catholic and had been taught the Lord's Prayer and the Rosary and I would say those prayers - especially the Rosary - everyday. I had eventually stopped going to Mass when I got more and more into ... [read more]
  • Many ordinary people are spiritual without even knowing it. They go about their business with little interference into the lives of others and tend not to gossip, or comment on matters that are none of their concern. They may offer help to those in need but they allow others to live their own lives ... [read more]
  • Most people nowadays seem to know what their Sun Sign is – i.e. Aires, Taurus etc., which is the Astrology you read in newspapers and magazines. More and more people are also now discovering the sign that the Moon was in when they were born. A percentage of those may also know what their Ascendant/R... [read more]
  • I was a bit cocky about this current Mercury Retrograde Period. “Oh, it’s not going to bother me much” I thought to myself, “I don’t have any planets in Aquarius, it’s taking place in my 5th House [again where I have no planets], I’ll be fine”, I thought. Wrong! Instead it has re-gurgitated ALL of t... [read more]