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Forgiveness is something not easy to do; it should be easy but the Self-part of you will do all it can to bring anger and frustration into your life. It is hard to have compassion and forgiveness when one is angry and frustrated.

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Card # 32 – Faith

Spiritual evolution is about letting go of your fears and having faith that you can create your own reality. What is faith? Faith is having confidence or trust in a person or thing; faith is trusting in yourself; faith is a belief that is not based on proof, logic or material evidence. Faith contains no [...]

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Card #49 – Life Lessons

Learning lessons is one of the key components of soul evolution. Soul growth is attained through learning your life lessons. What is a life lesson? A life lesson is where you choose to learn a specific topic, such as, patience, humility, detachment, speaking your truth, letting go of fear, etc. A lesson can be learned [...]

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Card #88 – You Are Never Alone

Do you realize you are never alone? From the moment you are born, you have a group of souls in Spirit who watch over you and assist you in your daily life. These souls speak to you through your intuition, but often you do not hear them because you doubt that intuition. How many times [...]

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Card #86 – Within

All the answers you are looking for lie within yourself. Being spiritual is not about being holy, religious, and/or denying oneself. Being a spiritual person is about going within and truly looking at who you are.Why are you the way you are? Why do you have abject fear of certain things? Why do you feel [...]

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Card# 53 – Marriage

Marriage is a choice made by humanity. Marriage is man-made, not God-made. When two people truly love each other, they can choose to marry or not. They can choose to be marriage partners or just partners without marriage. It is each individual's choice. Marriage is not about social status, vanity, money, family obligation or following [...]

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Card #39 -Higher Self

What is the Higher Self? How can you tell whether a person is in the Higher Self? The energy of the Higher Self can be felt and seen in someone’s energy. The Higher Self emanates love, truth, selflessness, honesty, compassion, understanding, non-prejudice, and many more positive attributes. The Higher Self does not speak badly of [...]

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