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Is Everyone Capable of Communicating with Those on the Other Side?

Maitreya comments on how fear can prevent spiritual communication from taking place. If the fear is removed, everyone can participate in this communication. Transcript: Question: Is everyone capable of communicating with those on the other side? Maitreya: Yes, however if one has fear. You know my channel, regularly saw things as a [...]

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In the world today there is so much conflict in families; brother against brother, sister against sister, mother against her children. Humanity talks about peace on earth, no war, and yet you cannot change the world until you can change yourself and work through your family fighting, your anger, frustration and fear.

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The Energy of Animals

Maitreya discusses the healing capabilities of animals, and how the incarnation process from animal to human works. Transcript: Question: Do animals have healing capabilities? Maitreya: Oh yes. Animals have the most beautiful energy for healing. They are very powerful with their energy. My channel has a cat, who when she is way [...]

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Affirmation for Focusing on Changing Ourselves from within

Affirmation: "I focus on changing myself from within, it will inevitably bring more compassion and positive transformation to the world around me."

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Clearing Out Fear Based Emotions

Learn about the process of removing any fear-based emotions from your etheric body. Transcript: Question: Is it possible to fully clearing out all of fear based emotions that we carry? Maitreya: To a degree. When you are on a high spiritual level you can remove 80% of that, but you are constantly [...]

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