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Card # 40 – Humility

Card # 40 – Humility Everyone wants to be important, to stand out, and to be recognized. The Self part of you wants to be “somebody,” for it wants to be a success, so that it can be respected and glorified. The Self will do all it can to pull you into emotional games, [...]

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Past Life Energy

In the next few years of Earth time, many souls will experience pain in their body which is not of this life.

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Card # 41- Illusion

Try not to believe all that you see. Life is an illusion created by you for your learning. Yet, when you are in the illusion, because of the Self, you cannot see through it until you begin to raise your vibration. What is an illusion? It is having an expectation that something will happen, [...]

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Working through Lessons

Maitreya answers a question about if it is possible to work through a issue with someone, even if they are not in your life anymore. Transcript: Question: Is that possible to work through an issue when you are no longer in communication with that person? Maiterya: Yes it is. It is [...]

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