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  • We forget the power that past life energy holds on us and how the energy controls our lives until we can fully see or understand the experience. For me, some of the best ways to experience and then release the energy is through past life regression or traveling to the physical location where it orig... [read more]
  • I had an interesting experience about 10 years, when just beginning my spiritual development. I did a lot of traveling for my job, as I was a Public Health Advisor and would perform environmental and food inspections for institutions. At that time I was inspecting Day Care Centers. I lived on the W... [read more]
  • Actually, I think Astrology chose me. I was very drawn to take spiritual development classes from Margaret and Alan but I had no idea why or what I would do with the knowledge and my developing spiritual being. I have always been very detailed oriented, loved science and math and earned a degree in ... [read more]
  • Our lessons and karma take us on some interesting journeys. When I was working for a living, I was an environmental health inspector. This led me to some special places such as day cares, drug rehab centers, medically fragile children’s homes, juvenile detection centers, ferryboats and prisons. I us... [read more]
  • Have you ever had communications from loved ones after they have passed? Well, I have. I had only read about such experiences until my Dad passed away in 2004. Some are very subtle and easy to miss and others not so much. My Dad lived in the same house for 50 plus years, so before we put his ho... [read more]
  • I started the metaphysical journey in about 2006. I have always been intrigued with psychics and wondered how do they do that? On my daily early morning commute to work, I would often listen to a local spiritual radio station. One morning I heard Margaret and Alan on their radio show and was immedia... [read more]
  • Last month I wrote about the astrological indicators that shape our personality, the Sun, Moon and Ascendant or rising sign and 3 of 5 indicators that show us where our fears or stumbling blocks could be. The 5 were, Pluto, Chiron and Saturn, retrograde planets and the Nodes. Last month I wrote abou... [read more]
  • Most people on the spiritual path know about their natal charts, a life map for this earth school. We are usually most familiar with the three things that shape our personality, our Sun sign or our driving force, our Moon sign, how we express emotion and what we need for emotional security and our r... [read more]