Team Maitreya Newsletters are written by individuals that have studied with Margaret and Maitreya at various times on their journey of life. They freely share their experiences in the chance that those who choose to read these stories may be helped or touched in some way. What is shared is the knowledge gained from their travels and experiences through life and while Maitreya appreciates their contribution to the website, their views, experiences and stories are their own, not Maitreya’s.

Enlisting the Self?

Enlisting the Self? Margaret would often surprise people when teaching or counseling them on ways to resolve a particular issue or situation they were in. She would tell them to simply put out the intention to the other person’s “Higher” Self to work with their “Higher” Self to resolve the issue. She was telling [...]

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Patience—Part II©

Patience—Part II© Last month's newsletter, “Patience – Part I,” noted that Patience is a learned skill requiring practice and refinement over time. So, how does one learn Patience? The answer is really quite simple if not so easy to accomplish. Patience is learned by “Going with the Flow,” which is the essence of Patience. That newsletter [...]

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Per aspera ad astra

Per aspera ad astra  You can be unhappy anywhere. You don’t have to move across the ocean or across the country, you don’t have to leave your relationship or move from your home. The sad truth is that wherever you go, you carry Your Self with You. Your fears, hopes, expectations, delusions, mistakes…yes, they [...]

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Conditioning After more than 15 years with my spiritual development on the metaphysical level, I have come to believe that we are here on the Earth plane to attend the school of life with three major tasks: working out our outstanding karmic debt; working through our past life energy from our own deep subconscious, [...]

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Falling into Separation and Disconnectedness

Falling into Separation and Disconnectedness by Laura Elliot As I sit and write this, it has just turned into Fall.  The leaves are beginning to change color, there’s a coolness to the air that’s different from a Summer coolness.  There’s a crispness to the air and thoughts of pumpkin latte’s, hot chocolate, hot apple cider [...]

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Illusion A recent event in my family cleared a way for a door to open that allowed me to look at Illusion and Fear. What if what I am thinking has no value, because it is out of Illusion? So, any fear that is part of those thoughts would be such a waste of [...]

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Teaching Master of Metaphysics Course in China

Teaching Master of Metaphysics Course in China Last month Alan and I were in China for two weeks to teach a 5-day Master of Metaphysics Beginner Course. This was the first time that we taught it to a group, and in China. Back in 2009, after I went back to visit my hometown in [...]

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