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Card #2 – Acceptance

One of the most important lessons of spiritual development is ACCEPTANCE. True acceptance comes from your heart, without judgment or criticism, without conditioning, prejudice, emotional attachment or pride. Acceptance is simply accepting everyone for who they are, and everything for what it is. Acceptance also means that you need to accept yourself for who you [...]

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Card #17 – Creativity

There is a creative energy that flows inside everyone. Even if you are not a painter or artist, there are many ways in which this energy can be used. Creativity is closely related to intuition, and so often when you are working on your intuition, you will also find that you develop a creative side [...]

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Card #69 – Release

The main purpose of the incarnation process is to release the trapped energy within your soul memory. This trapped energy comes from unexpressed thoughts and negative emotions, such as fear, doubt, insecurity, low self-esteem, anger, hatred, jealousy and shame; all of which have been carried inside of your emotional body lifetime after lifetime. Most of [...]

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Card #23 – Disease

Why do humans have disease, sickness and health problems? There are a few reasons: You choose to experience disease and health problems as a life lesson. Many people do not know that they have chosen this as part of their life path. They have chosen it as a life lesson to learn from in order [...]

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