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Wisdom Card #84 – Truth

Wisdom Card #84 - Truth What is Truth? The word, “truth,” can have a different meaning for each person. To be truthful means not to tell a lie. Yet, what is a lie? A lie to one person can be another person’s truth. This may sound like a puzzle, but it raises quite an [...]

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Card # 41- Illusion

Try not to believe all that you see. Life is an illusion created by you for your learning. Yet, when you are in the illusion, because of the Self, you cannot see through it until you begin to raise your vibration. What is an illusion? It is having an expectation that something will happen, [...]

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Card #33 Family

Family Family relationships are some of the most complicated and challenging situations to deal with. Yet, it is also the environment where the soul can work out karmic debt, past life energy and learn valuable life lessons. It is the best place to learn about love, acceptance, compassion and detachment. So much dissension is [...]

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Card #11 – Communication

Words are energy! Do you know that the way you communicate, and what you speak of can make a big difference in your life? Do you realize how much trouble your words can cause? Do you realize that you have the power to create positive or negative realities with what you communicate about? How [...]

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Card #30 – Experience

Life is a journey; an experience of soul growth.Every day, hundreds of souls who help you with your journey surround you. At times, your own life can seem so heavy and burdensome, yet you choose the experiences and all those who are in your life. You choose your experiences by your birth chart and [...]

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Card #50 – Listen

Relationships can be very hard at times, because they require you to have two-way communication, speaking and listening, with others who are involved. It is through relationships that you can work on your karma, past life energy and the life lessons you have chosen to learn. In a good relationship, you need to learn [...]

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Card # 63 – Peace

There cannot be world peace, if peace at home has not been achieved. You cannot have peace within yourself, if you cannot find peace in your own relationships, home or environment. Peace has to come from your heart, with the knowledge and understanding that all souls are different and unique. There are no two [...]

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Card #79 – The Journey

Card #79 - The Journey Everyone on the Earth plane is a soul on a journey of soul evolution. Soul evolution is accomplished through paying and receiving karmic debt, working on letting go of past life energy and learning life lessons. Before you are born, you choose how each step of your journey can [...]

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Card # 74 – Subconscious

The subconscious mind lies deep within your psyche, and your soul memory lies within your subconscious. In your subconscious, there is a memory bank that has stored everything that has ever happened throughout your soul’s journey – every thought, every emotion, every deed, and every action and reaction, from this life and all of [...]

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Card #42 – Imagination

Creation begins with imagination. The world you are in is what you have created with your thoughtful imagination. Imagination connects to your thought process. When you think, your mental energy is initiated and waiting for its manifestation. When you imagine, you begin to manifest that thought. Many people do not realize that they are [...]

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Card #55 – Meditation

What is meditation? Meditation is a way to be quiet, to relax the mind and body, and connect to the soul (Spirit) within. By being in a relaxed state, your mind becomes quiet and you are able to tune into your inner world for answers and guidance. All of the answers you need lie [...]

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Card #47 – Laughter

Life is created for learning and experiencing. Life is not meant to be as serious as you might believe; for life is for living.Life should be filled with fun, laughter, joy and happiness; it is not meant to be heavy and serious. Yes, you have karmic debts to pay, life lessons to learn, and [...]

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Card #26 – Empathy

To truly understand another person and what they are going through, empathy is a necessary trait to possess.Empathy allows you to put yourself in the shoes of another, to learn to understand what they are experiencing, from their perspective. Without empathy, you will not be able to facilitate positive relationships in your life. Empathy [...]

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