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Sharing Articles are newsletters written by individuals that have studied with Margaret and Maitreya at various times on their journey of life. They freely share their experiences in the chance that those who choose to read these stories may be helped or touched in some way. What is shared is the knowledge gained from their travels and experiences through life and while Maitreya appreciates their contribution to the website, their views, experiences and stories are their own, not Maitreya’s.

Step into Spring…. and Celebrate

This may seem a strange thing to say what with the lockdown going on all over the world. Why celebrate you may ask? Did you know that today is the day to celebrate Spring and it is called Ostara? I find this a beautiful name and didn’t know it existed until this morning our very first official day of Spring.

By |March 31st, 2020|

Meditation: What It Really Is and Why It’s So Important

Hello everyone! The Angels have a beautiful message for us this month about the importance of “meditation”.  I put that in quotes because they are teaching us about what meditation really is and attempting to change our limited understanding of it. 

By |March 30th, 2020|