5-Days of Metaphysical Beginner Course

5-Days of Metaphysical Beginner Course 2018-07-09T13:38:54+00:00

Friday, November 16th – Tuesday, November 20th , $1500, including lunch, not including other accommodations. $500 deposit required upon registration

We are continuing Margaret/Maitreya’s Metaphysical beginner course to assist those who want to take their Metaphysical journey to the next level. This course bridges the knowledge of how life really works that Maitreya brought forward through Margaret with where the individual soul is at this point in time on there journey. As Maitreya often stated “You cannot learn while you are in the comfort zone of life”, so without this understanding of how life really works, you are going to be constantly in turmoil as your journey unfolds. This is a 5-day course of soul discovery on a personal and individual level under the direct guidance of higher consciousness from the world of spirit. This is a very insightful and inspirational course to assist you to start navigating your soul journey with knowledge and understanding.

Through this 5-day course, you will learn:

  • Finding out who you “Really” are through your personal natal chart – chosen life lessons, habits and emotional quick sand, fears, deep wounds, talents and gifts, transformation
  • Past lives, past life energy and how to incorporate this knowledge into your life
  • Your life purpose, mission and destiny
  • How to deal with emotions and emotional clearance
  • Healing and healing modalities
  • Two guided meditations each day to meet your Guides and other Spiritual Helpers, establish the direct communication with them to assist you as you move forward in vibration and consciousness
  • Establish a mentorship to assist you to navigate your journey of soul discovery

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