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Based on our teaching experiences with Margaret and Maitreya, we found that private study is the most concentrated and efficient way for personal and individual spiritual development which you normally cannot get from group study or class learning. Private study is designed to focus on YOU and your personal needs and goals. It will assist you to move forward in your life with a better understanding of your life purpose and how you fit into your current environment. It is meant to empower you with a metaphysical understanding of who you are and equip you with the knowledge and tools required to navigate your chosen life journey. As Margaret would to say, “Forearmed is Forewarned”. Private study can be done as an individual, as a couple, or even as a small group with those you are currently engaged with. The study will improve your life and raise your vibration and consciousness. We will discuss with you where you are on your life journey at this point of time and then create a unique plan through your natal chart to meet your needs and requirements. You can also choose topics or subjects that you wish to gain a more in-depth understanding about you and your incarnations, present and past.

You can choose to study with us in person or via Skype. If you choose to study with us in person, you can come to stay with us in Metairie, LA, just outside New Orleans in the Southern part of USA. During the break between your daily study, we will take you to visit the culture and history of Louisiana. You may be surprised to explore some past lives here. It will be a fun and adventurous experience.

*Kindly reminder, we are in US central Time Zone.

Listed below are topics of study to provide you with various areas that you can choose to emphasize in your study with us.

•Astrology – Your natal chart is your Akashic Record that you can access in this life, your blueprint and road map. Without understanding what you have chosen regarding karma, past life issues and life lessons, you will be wandering through life without purpose and direction like a boat without a rudder. Are you who you are? Do you feel lost or a sense of emptiness? Do you have a dysfunctional family life – difficult parents, scary or painful childhood experiences, loss, etc.? Do you have relationship difficulties? Do you have financial difficulties? The list of questions we all encounter at different points in our life are endless, but we have chosen them as part of our journey. You can find all answers from learning about your own natal chart. You will learn about you and your life step by step in great detail:

*Your will power and how to use it to make your Sun shine

*Your life purpose, destiny and chosen life lessons

*Your biggest fear and challenge

*Your deepest wound and healing path

*Your emotional make-up, habits, patterns and how you relate and respond to others

*Your illusions and where you’ve chosen to transform yourself

*Your gifts and talents

*What you feel comfortable with, but often fall back to old your ways rather than embracing the new

• Metaphysical training – In this study, you will embark on a journey to learn about life and the unseen force that is with you all the time. It is everywhere and in everything; it is within you, around you, beyond you and below you. It governs you and your life. Once you have learned about it, you are able to utilize it to advance your soul and create your reality with great benefit. You will learn:

*What is metaphysics?

*The purpose of your life and your destiny; comprehending your life within your environment and circumstances; grasping the key to unlock the myth about you and your life; master your life and live it to its full potential

*Subtle bodies and their connection and relationships with Chakras.

*The levels of consciousness

*Astrology and your life plan

*Karma, past life and past life energy, life lessons

*Self and Higher Self, subconscious and conscious

*Healing and healing modalities – past life regression, emotional healing, sound, color, crystals, magnetic, flower essences, essential oils, energy healing, journaling, meditation, etc.

*Understanding the world of spirit and how they communicate with you, and how you communicate with them

• Healing your deepest wound – In astrology, Chiron symbolizes our deepest wound, the deep, dark pain that we are not only hiding from others but also from ourselves. It also represents the key to our spiritual transformation, how we can transcend our physical, emotional and mental limitations to spiritual and soul development. All of us come into this life with a deep wound to heal. Only by healing our deepest wound, can we unlock our greatest gift and talent to be used to their full potential. The house where you have Chiron in your natal chart shows your primal wound which your soul has been called to heal in this lifetime. In this private study, we will work on:

*Unmasking your pain and acknowledging the wound. Although you may think you know what your problem is, you most likely don’t, as the Chiron wound runs very deep, it is a subconscious and unconscious expression, but has a deep, profound and prominent impact throughout your life journey as a human being.

*Process your pain – learn to bring together all the broken parts, so you can eventually bring to light your highest potential.

*Transcend the pain, heal the wound and transform the wound into a gift. Only by healing yourself first, can you help heal the world. The goal is to transform the deep wound into the greatest healing power.

Other possible topics you can consider:

  • Past lives, past life issues and past life energy
  • Relationship difficulties and how to deal with
  • Health issues, cause and how to heal
  • Healing modalities & healing – energy healing, past life healing, emotion healing
  • Subconscious and conscious, Self and Higher Self, how to deal with the Self
  • Learning how to read tarot cards
  • How to use color for reading and healing
  • Any topics you wish to explore

Each session will be a 3-hour session and cost $180/session. You can choose the length of study. Sessions are recorded as MP3 audio files and will be sent to you after the sessions are finished.

Please fill in the form below or email us at with any questions you may have. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We are here to assist you. Thank you!

Dear Alan, Jean, Korinne and Ratna,

I want to thank you guys so much, for the powerful week of healing I just experienced with you in Seattle. It has been a powerful healing week for all of us. You all have been amazing company.

Jean, you are an incredible intuitive astrologer. Your whole energy changes when you do astrology. Really amazing!!! You just become Spirit.

Thank you so much Alan. You were so alert to ask Jean straight away if she would channel the specific birth dates and birth times of my three adopted children. I had told you my story and the inner conflict I felt. You asked Jean to do this for me and had something very convincing and direct in your voice. It was as if it were orders from the other side.

My children are starting to grow up and not having their correct birth date and birth time inhibited me from having the chance to ever work with their astrology. I felt deep pain and distress in not being able to see fully into what area their life lessons are, where their strengths lie and weakness may play out so that I can assist them in their journey. Jean lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders. Resolving my dilemma around my adopted children’s astrology makes it easier, because with my other two biological children I do have their information and this enables me to discuss this openly without the adopted children feeling left out.

I had planned to ask Margaret a long time ago, if she could channel the correct birth dates and birth times. I scheduled my private study with her for this summer with the assumption if anyone could do it, it would be her. However, with Margaret’s passing over, I thought my chance at gaining this information was lost. With her passing, my belief system and faith that every problem could be solved started to crumble.
But I experienced THE CONTRARY!!! Jean, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much!

Margaret and Maitreya’s energy was in the house and in the car for our drives to nature all week, but when Alan gave you Margaret’s pendulum to dowse the three birth dates and birth times; the energy went to completely different level. The pendulum danced to the energy and personality of Margaret that I had experienced many times before in person and on Skype. It was so wonderful, feeling Margaret’s energy and experiencing how you and Margaret are now working together. For me, Margaret felt even a bit hyper, as if she couldn’t wait to give this information via you, now that she is working from the other side through you. It must have been so wonderful for Margaret, being able to connect like this.

When you did the astrology readings of my three adopted children, you gave some very specific and important information. At the same time when the specific information was given, I got strong cold electricity shivers over my arms and legs. For me that was proof of Margaret/Spirit being there and secondly, that the information you gave me is very correct. I needed this proof, so I will not doubt and the experience with you Jean, left no doubt.

Thank you Jean, Alan, Korinne and Ratna for the incredible 8-days I got to spend with you. So much knowledge, energy and laughter was exchanged; I felt truly blessed to experience it. It may be hard to understand, but I feel Margaret may be more powerful in assisting us from the other side; that was my experience.
~ H.G. from The Netherlands.