Chiron – Healing Your Deepest Wound

///Chiron – Healing Your Deepest Wound
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Healing Your Deepest Wound – In astrology, Chiron symbolizes our deepest wound, the deep, dark pain that we are not only hiding from others, but also from ourselves. It also represents the key to our spiritual transformation, how we can transcend our physical, emotional and mental limitations (the Self part of us) to our soul and spirit (the Higher Self part of us). All of us come into this life with a deep wound to heal. Only by healing our deepest wound, can we unlock our greatest gift and talent to be used to their full potential. The house where you have Chiron in your natal chart shows your primal wound which your soul has been called to heal in this lifetime. In this private study, we will work on:

•Unmasking your pain and acknowledging the wound. Although you may think you know what your problem is, you most likely don’t, as the Chiron wound runs very deep, it is a subconscious and unconscious expression, but has a deep, profound and prominent impact throughout your life journey as a human being.

•Process your pain – learn to bring together all the broken parts, so you can eventually bring to light your highest potential.

•Understand the pain from higher perspectives. Through this process, you are able to forgive and let go, and allow healing to take place. Healing your deepest wound enables you to become whole again, to raise your vibration to assist you to surpass the illusion of the earth plane, and to attain higher consciousness.

•Transform the wound into a gift. Only by healing yourself first, can you help heal the world. The goal is to transform the deep wound into your greatest healing power.

The Healing Chiron Wound study is a 4-week course, once a week, 2-hour per week. It requires doing a lot of inner work (homework). This will assist you to bring the energy to the surface to allow healing to take place. The tuition is $395.

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