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  • Once a year I write on this subject and will continue to do so as long as I live; it is the subject of remuneration for the services we provide. For some reason, when one works as a medium/channel there is a real problem in people understanding we work for a living and have the same, if not more liv... [read more]
  • Many of us have no idea when we meet someone we do not like, and perhaps who we are critical and judgmental about, they are there to mirror something we cannot see in ourselves. In 2001, I had just moved into a new house, ironically, bought with the gift of money a Japanese client had bequeathed me... [read more]
  • In 1995, I was at the height of my career, I was a magazine clairvoyant in New Zealand, a radio personality also, and had bookings for readings ahead for six months. My then husband and I were considering buying our own home and had saved a substantial deposit for a house. In July of that year, a fr... [read more]
  • It never ceases to amaze me how many people expect spiritual teachers to be Gods; and do not even consider they are human! Just because we are what could be termed metaphysical or spiritual does not mean we are perfect. Our life is a series of lessons and challenges, most of which we have chosen to ... [read more]
  • All my life I have had a belief in past life energy, in other lives; the word karma has been a part of my vocabulary since my childhood; I often told people I was not coming back to the Earth plane once my life was over. My first past life experience came at the age of 42 when my teacher became a pa... [read more]
  • I had the biggest laugh today when I read in the news the Catholic Church and the Pope had stated that God did not know about the cases of Priests being pedophiles and of the sexual abuse by Priests in the Church. The God I experienced in 1993 when I left my body and was in contact with this energy ... [read more]
  • I recently had to go to hospital in India to have a sebaceous cyst removed from my left arm. To be honest, it has been there in my arm for years; it seems to come up every twelve years, it gets infected and has to be removed; twice before this time I have had it lanced and cut out, leaving a small s... [read more]
  • If you had told me 35 years ago I would become a channel and allow another energy/soul to write and to speak through me, I would have told you, you were nuts! But 35 years on, I am not only a channel but a teacher, astrologer, past life reader and a healer. How do I know it is not me who speaks and ... [read more]