Alan McElroy
  • Alan McElroy

  • Business Management Consultant
  • Alan McElroy is a Management consultant and holds seminars and consultations for businesses and individuals who want to learn how to incorporate metaphysics into their work environ... [read more]
Jean Luo
  • Jean Luo

  • Astrologer, Past Life Regression, Color Practitioner
  • Jean is a graduate student of Maitreya and his deep trance channel Margaret McElroy. Maitreya's teaching and guidance has transformed her life and enabled her to find true passion ... [read more]
Karen Downing
  • Karen Downing

  • Channel, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Teacher
  • Karen Downing is a channel, intuitive reader, and spiritual teacher. Karen started opening the door to metaphysics in childhood, but after her first meeting with Maitreya in 2006, ... [read more]
Chantal Anders
  • Chantal Anders

  • Healer, Clairvoyant Medium, Channel
  • Chantal is a healer and clairvoyant medium, receiving channeled messages to bring you light and clarity. Born in London and raised in the states, Chantal settled in France 20 ... [read more]
Christine Burn
  • Christine Burn

  • Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Qualified Aromatherapist
  • Christine Burn is a spiritual teacher, healer, and qualified aromatherapist, based in New Zealand. She has always had a strong connection with Spirit, Mother Earth, plants, and n... [read more]
Deidre Wilton
  • Deidre Wilton

  • Astrologer, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Teacher
  • Deidre Wilton is an Esoteric Astrologer, Clairvoyant and Metaphysical Teacher based in New Zealand. Deidre fell in love with Astrology as a child, and since meeting Margaret McElro... [read more]
Dennis Dossett
  • Dennis Dossett

  • Past Life Regression, EFT
  • Dennis has a Ph.D. in psychology and served for over 30 years as a professor of psychology and management, a consultant to industry, and as an industrial/organizational psychologis... [read more]
Karen Dossett
  • Karen Dossett

  • Bach Flower Essences, Spiritual Healer
  • Karen has been involved in metaphysics for over 30 years. She is a natural-born healer whose passion is helping others to heal their lives. Karen has completed energy healing works... [read more]
Laurie Regan
  • Laurie Regan

  • Intuitive Artist
  • Since early 2011, upon completing an Intuitive Development course with Margaret McElroy, Psychic Artist Laurie Regan has been producing pencil portraits and energy paintings. With ... [read more]
Linda Zeppa
  • Linda Zeppa

  • Intuitive Development Teacher, Writer
  • Linda has been an educator for many years, a writer for as long as she can remember, and on a spiritual path forever. Since 2007 she has delved into metaphysical studies and practi... [read more]
Louise Ashcroft
  • Louise Ashcroft

  • Intuitive Astrologer & Healer, Past Live Regression
  • I have always been able to see the potential in every person and my greatest joy in life is to open people up to that potential. Thanks to Margaret and Maitreya's teaching, energy ... [read more]
Natalija Pavlakovic
  • Natalija Pavlakovic

  • Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer
  • Natalija Pavlakovic is a channel, intuitive healer, and spiritual teacher based in Croatia, Europe. She is a graduate student of Maitreya, and his channel Margaret McElroy. Nata... [read more]
Valerie Shinn
  • Valerie Shinn

  • Astrologer
  • Born and raised in the Seattle, WA area, I have always been analytical, athletic, and artistic; yet I never thought of myself as intuitive. A Cancer myself (4 planets in Cancer!), ... [read more]