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I am often asked what it is like in our world. Why does nobody want to come back after death, except those who have to come back for a purpose? I can only explain it this way. On the earth plane you have a Self-part of you, it is very physical despite being energy and being connected to the body. It is the survival part of you, which has been with you for many incarnations.

The Self-part of you is very devious and crafty; it will tell lies to protect itself, doing anything to survive and not move out of the comfort zone. You also have a Higher Self part of you which will do nothing, except be truthful, honest and forthright. When you come home to Spirit, which is your true home, the earth plane being a school for your incarnation, you only bring home the Higher Self.

The Self-part of you is at such a low level of vibration and consciousness that it cannot transition into the Spirit world with the Higher Self at death. The Self can function on the earth plane, but not on the higher energy level of your true home in Spirit.

It is only when one comes home with only the Higher Self, that one can see the things the Self has done during your incarnation. It is a joy to return home without the Self, but often painful to see what transpired while the Self was active. Traits, such as anger, alcohol issues, drug use, physical abuse and violence that can hurt a soul, are traits that cannot be brought home!

When one does come home, although the Self is not there, the memory of what has transpired is. The soul remembers this, and often there is sadness and sorrow at what did take place.

If one is a perpetrator, one has to see what took place and forgive oneself for the actions that took place. If one is a receiver of such energy, one has to see why, which is usually connected to a past incarnation; there really is “an eye for an eye” with incarnation. However, one can remove it all in an incarnation if one wishes to.

BUT, the one thing there is not is JUDGMENT! No one judges you over what has taken place during your incarnation. There is no God to punish you; punishment is not a requirement of coming home. Only YOU judge yourself, and even then it is not like punishment on the earth plane. You are just aware of what has transpired in your incarnation and what to do about it. This then usually requires another trip away from Spirit, back to the earth plane, or other planet to balance the energy.

There is no dread or fear, just awareness, and then peace inside. A peace that passes any feeling you have had before. One then gets a chance to spend time with friends and family many of whom you knew on the earth plane, reminiscing, talking over the incarnation, before returning for another try at the lesson or learning.

For those who do not have to return, then one begins one’s life in our world; working in the many areas of Spiritual life, serving, helping. You are given the opportunity to talk with family and friends on the earth plane through mediums or channels and it is always very happy communication; one never wants to come back to the earth plane.

There are some souls who are in confusion over their return to Spirit, who think they are still alive; their time after death is spent in reception areas becoming accustomed once again to being “home”. Eventually they assimilate and move on once they have had a rest and come to peace with their demise.

There is no time in our world, so a day in our world can be like a thousand years of earth time. It is a complete change of energy and one of no time in any way. One becomes younger when one comes “home” and usually appears in there 40’s, with exuberant and glowing energy.

Food or drink is not required, and one does not have a physical body either. Communication is by thought, you are pure consciousness, but can project to an earthbound soul what one wants to be seen. You can appear young or old and often what one was like on the earth plane, but in our world you are perfect with no disabilities whatsoever. It truly is a wonderful place to be.


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