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You often cry out in your pain and suffering, “God, why is this happening to me? I am a good person, why am I suffering?” The reason for this and for all life purpose is karma. It is the repayment of debts and the receiving of debts. From the minute of earth time that you are born you begin the path to repaying your karma, receiving karma, and to clearing your Akashic record. Read more…

Video Transcript:
Alan: Do not judge another for your incur much karma, let go of all criticism and judgment, and you will move forward in spirit and raise your vibration.

Maitreya:Who are you to judge, you may have been like that in a past life, or if you do and you are over judgmental, you may come back as that soul you are judging in the future, in the next incarnation. What does judging do anyway, it is just the ego. The higher self part of you would never do that, it would leave you to be who you are, to learn the way that you have to learn. The thing is that everybody wants everybody to be the same as everybody else. No body is the same because astrologically, you all of you have different birth charts. Even though twins can have the same birth chart, the energy of that chart will play out as it needs to be. For instance with twins, one twin can be shy, the other twin can be outgoing. They both have the same birth chart, almost exactly, but the energy plays itself out the way it needed to play out.

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