These are some of the physical and emotional symptoms associated with the Photon Energy:

This can be a frightening experience because you cannot remember what you had for dinner only an hour ago. YOU ARE NOT LOSING YOUR MEMORY. You are changing over from left-brain function to more of a right-brain function. Areas of the brain are being activated to cope with the higher energy coming in. Margaret, my channel, used to feel as if she were having a stroke and would feel as if she were not going to be able to talk. Often words came out jumbled or garbled. This situation will pass, but there is no time limit on this.

Finding that sound is too loud all of a sudden is another problem associated with the higher energy vibration. All of a sudden noise is so loud. Even a dog barking three streets away sounds as if it is next door. Some people feel as if someone or something is in their ears and feel the need to scratch them all the time. Pain can often be experienced as well. This is caused by the higher energy coming in.

As you open up to the higher vibration, you will find yourself becoming extremely sensitive to people, noises, all sorts of things. This can affect the central nervous system and can be quite a difficult thing to cope with. You do need to take B group vitamins and a multi-vitamin if this is happening to you. If you are allergic to these vitamins then look for a homeopathic remedy or a Bach flower remedy for extreme sensitivity.

Experiencing depression is a very common symptom of vibratory rate increase. The higher energy coming in forces any illnesses, viruses, anything that has been hiding in the body to come to the surface. This will often come up in the form of depression. Visit a spiritual counselor and try to get to the root of the problem. It could be past-life related, so check this out too. Don’t be afraid; it will pass and you will feel so light when it is all out of you. The herb, St. Johns Wart, can be of great benefit for depression.

My channel, Margaret, once walked into a New Zealand radio station in Auckland and all the controls went haywire. When she visited a Los Angeles TV station to do a TV show, all the lights kept flickering. She also has a real problem in recording studios and recording CDs as well. If this is happening to you, then you are really reaching a very high vibratory rate and will probably be a profound healer or channel for spiritual realms. It is due to extremely high energy coming into the physical form. It could be described as 50,000 volts of electricity coming in at once. Not only can the body not cope, but the electricity goes through the body and out again. As it does so it affects all electronic equipment.

The Photon Energy itself will do this as it gets closer to the earth plane. One good thing is that you will be able to handle the Photon Energy a lot better than the normal person in the street.

You will find that dogs, cats, and other animals will become aware of your energy and either be frightened of it or want to be around it all the time. Many animals can’t get enough of the energy. Others are somewhat frightened because they do not understand it. As your body gets more and more used to the higher energy this will pass.

As you vibrate higher, you will find that you no longer want the things that you used to. Eliminating coffee, tea and meat are just three of the dietary changes that people often make as they vibrate higher. Meat is especially dense and can really affect the body’s energy, especially if it has hormones in it. You may develop cravings for certain foods, or go off your favorite foods. This is normal and a part of the change to the higher vibration. If you find this happening, then let it happen and explore the new possibilities.

As you raise your vibration you will go through different levels of consciousness. When you first begin to change you enter Lunar consciousness. This is where you start to develop clairvoyant and healing ability and become more sensitive. This stage of consciousness typically lasts for about five years.

Solar Consciousness is the next step. During this stage you become even more attuned and start to heal and clear problems from all the subtle bodies. For those who are not aware of it, we not only have a physical body, but emotional (or astral), mental, and a spiritual bodies as well. In Solar consciousness, we clear all problems from these areas. The time period for this to happen is usually between three and five years. Many people never go any higher as this is a very high level.

Stellar Consciousness is the next step but is only for the person who is going to be working on a very high level with the spiritual realms. To reach Stellar means that you have cleared your chakras, dealt with all your karma, and you are a clear channel for the spiritual realms. Merging with the Divine Force, God, Ultimate Being, or whatever you wish to call the superior force is the next step, and it truly is only available to the great spiritual teachers.

The purpose of the Photon Energy is to change the energy of the earth plane to a higher vibration. It clears away all the old and negative from the earth plane so that the new teaching can take place, and it helps mankind to raise itself to a higher dimension. This will cause a lot of upheaval in the world. There will be natural disasters – they are happening now – and more will be forthcoming. When it is over though, we will be a different race of people, no longer full of ego or self, no longer wanting war. There will then be 1,000 years of peace.

Welcome the Photon Energy into your life; allow the changes to happen. Don’t fight them (you can’t – you will lose). Try to laugh as you go – life was not meant to be taken seriously. When things get you down, just look at what is happening in the world. Be grateful for what you have. Many of us in the future will be working with the spiritual realms to make this world a better place. To do it, we have to come up to their level, their dimension. That is what the Photon Energy is helping us to do. Have fun on your journey!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #239  from Maitreya Speaks Vol. 3.