The Power of Past Lives

/The Power of Past Lives

The Power of Past Lives

You do not know how much of your life is spent in past life energy! You wander through life; oblivious as to what you are doing regarding past life experiences. 85% of your life experiences are caused by past life experiences; everything you do is created by past life energy; the Universe creates the situations you need to repay or to be repaid for. If you knew what it was you needed to do about past lives, you would run away because the Self-part of you does not want to face the past and what you need to learn. Many come into your life to repay you for past life pain you experienced, or to make right what in a past life they did wrong, but in your soul memory, when you meet them, the fear becomes abject and they run instead of working through the karma and closing the door.

Fear is such a terrible emotion and it can be so deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind, you may not even know it is there within you. Humanity has so much fear yet does little to release it and move on with their lives. Fear will paralyze you, so much so you cannot fulfill your destiny in this lifetime; it repeatedly forces you to stay in a prison of your own making, and because you cannot see the fear, only feel it, you can never get into why it is there, whether it is a past life experience or not.

LET GO OF YOUR FEAR! You no longer need it, face the fear, whatever it is and move on to your destiny. What is your destiny? You chose and wrote about this before you were born in your own life plan called a natal chart or birth chart, and a good astrologer can help you to understand what you have come to learn, explore and also face from the past lives you have had; everyone has their own unique natal chart that can be read by an astrologer. It is the best information you can have, especially for your family and friends. It can help you expedite your life, and free you often of years of strife and darkness.

Why do you have money problems or partnership troubles? Your birth chart may hold the answers. Who are you? Do you really know? Your birth chart will show the real you, not what the Self-part of you wants you to see. It is so easy to find the answers with the birth chart. More than ever, where does your fear lie, this can easily be seen in the birth chart. You could not invest any better money than in your birth chart, there is nothing to fear, just the knowledge of past, present and future, what are you waiting for?


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