Video: A Live Channeling / Meditation Event in Hyderabad, India Part 1 of 3

This is part 1 of 3 Maitreya channeling video from the live channeling / meditation event in Hyderabad, India on January 31, 2016. The main topic for this live event is about life lessons and life path.

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Video Transcription:

Good day to you! Although there are only a few of you, we in our world, from the world of spirit, want you to know that your life on this Earth plane is a very important part of your soul growth. All of you here are playing a special part in your soul growth because you have chosen to be born. You have chosen to carry your karmic debts, and to try in this incarnation to remove them. It is not an easy task because you have within you a part of you known as the self. And this self part of you will do everything it can to stop you, to stop you moving forward, and stop you having soul growth.

You may say to yourself how does it do that, while it does it by bring up the past, putting you into soul memory of past incarnations. Everybody that comes into your life in this incarnation is a soul who is teaching you a lesson, assisting you by repaying karma or just being there for you to help you as you go through life. You may ask of yourself what are my lessons, what are my here to do. And each one of you has a path, each one of you has a part of life within you in which you are here to learn. And if you can to remove the old energy and to bring in new energy.

There is not one of you that is not good enough. The divine source, the divine spirit, those of you who know it as God, you need to know that energy looks upon you as very special. For you to be here on the Earth plane, for you to be doing what you are doing in working through your lessons, you are very special. You must never see yourself as lesser person, you must never see yourself as not worthy. For you are worthy, it is just that you do not know what your life lessons are, and how you can work with them, pass them, and move on to a higher energy.

Before you are born, each one of you choose a life path. In your Indian tradition, it is called Vedic astrology, in the western world it is know as western astrology, and it is different. But you can find out your life path by visiting an astrologer and finding out your destiny, your path in life, what you have to do to live it. It is very very accurate, and it is very very true. You can not move forward without it. Once you have the knowledge you can then begin the change, and once you begin the change, you move forward. You move forward with your life.