Video: A Live Channeling / Meditation Event in Hyderabad, India Part 3 of 3

This is part 3 of 3 Maitreya channeling video from the live channeling / meditation event in Hyderabad, India on January 31, 2016. The main topic for this live event is about life lessons and life path.

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Video Transcription:

You can achieve the most impossible things, if you believe that you can. You are all invincible, you are all of you good souls, and so what if you have made a mistake, that is how you learn, it is how you grow from your mistakes. Do not hold on to your mistakes, do not hold on to your past. It has been and gone, you can not change it, but you can change the future. Believe that you are wonderful, and you will be wonderful. But you have brought with you, some suitcases into this world, and those suitcases include your past, this incarnation and other incarnations. And once you find out what they are, and you can let go of them, you will have nothing left. Suitcases will be empty, and then you can leave them behind and move forward. If you have children, tell your children how wonderful they are, how important they are, and even if you do not have children, tell your future children. Do not let them believe that they are less than worthy. It is the first step to finding out your worth. And can I say to you, everyone of you that you are all worthy, everyone of you.

In your meditation today to begin with, emphasize within yourself what it is your wish to have. Do you want a good job, do you want education, do you want money? Ask yourself what do I need, it is not what you want, it is what you need. And then in your meditations, if you do them everyday, concentrate on that issue, concentrate on what it is you need, and watch the universe bring it closer toward you. You will only get what you need, you will not get more than you need, so be very careful in your choosing. It only takes a few Earth seconds to think about what you need, and to put it into your consciousness. But if you can do that you are on your way to manifesting.

Manifesting is a process of creation, and each one of you has the energy to manifest. And then the rest of mediation is yours, perhaps you will get some visions, perhaps you will get some peace, perhaps you will feel things leaving you that have been there for many, many years and incarnations. Look upon yourself as worthy, become worthy, no more second hand feelings. You are so powerful, and yet you do not know it. Become powerful, and you will become powerful. It takes work, it takes energy, it takes time, Earth plane time but you can do it.

I thank you for your attention to my words this afternoon of Earth time. I hope you will enjoy your meditation, and I would like to know that I would see you again, and that we can raise your vibrations just a little bit higher, a little higher, a little bit higher each time we meet. Good day to you!