Video: The Spirit World

/Video: The Spirit World

Video: The Spirit World

This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “The Spirit World”.

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Video Transcription:

Good day to you! My message for you today is about the world of spirit as you call it.
The world after you have died. Everyone of you has to leave your body at sometime and come home, because that is what it is all about, it is about coming home. There is so much fear over death. There is so much fear over dying and coming home. You are attached to your family, your belongings during your lifetime. And the thought of losing it, especially your family is terrifying to many people, even losing your husband or your wife.

Our world is a very beautiful place. There is no hell. There is no hell. But there is the hell you have created for yourself on the Earth plane. Your negativity, your fear, all of which are connected to past life times. If you have fear before you die, you will take it with you as you pass in the next world. There have been many souls who have come home in abject fear of what to expect, but there is nothing to expect except goodness and truth. It is only when you come home that you see yourself as you really are.

The Ultimate Being or God as you know it is a wonderful energy. Total Love, total trust, and the energy is such that one can be in a state of absolute bliss in its energy. You are not judged, no body judges you. You judge yourself. You have a self, which is the part of you attached to the Earth plane. You have the higher self, and there is a battle going on in your life on the Earth plane with these two energies. When you come home, you only bring with you the higher self. But the memories of the self, and what the self has done, what the self has created, and how the self has hurt other people is all part of who you are. And you see it, and you feel it. It is that part of you that is often afraid to come home. But when you come home, then you realize there is nothing to fear. You are such incredible energies when you are without the self part of you.

Let go of your fear of death. Let go of your fear of leaving your body. Let go of your family, for they are only there for this incarnation. They have come to help you learn to grow. They have come to repay karma, which is the deeds of the past which need to be addressed. Let go of everything connected to darkness. For our home, your home, true home is a place of light, joy, happiness. It is why people do not want to come back. Have you ever wondered why babies when they are born, it is because they don’t want to be here on your Earth plane. They don’t want to be here. Let me go back their cries says because once you are born you start your life lessons. Even as a child, even as a baby, you start your life lessons that you have chosen. And some of you have chosen, very, very painful lives. So would you not cry, knowing inside that to come. Fear brings fear. Let your fear go. Thank you!

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