Video: Understand Energy

This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Understand Energy”.

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Video Transcription:
Understand Energy

Good day to you. Humanity does not understand energy. Oh you understand the energy of the physical world but you do not understand the energy of the spiritual or metaphysical world. It is a totally different energy, both of them. Although you cannot see the physical energy such as electricity and other forms of physical energy, you know that they are there. But with spiritual / metaphysical energy, not only can you not see it or feel it, but you also cannot be aware of it because no body understands it. In fact when you talk about spiritual energy most people pertain it to the church or to religion, but it is a part of you, a part of who you are.

You are a body the physical, you are a mind the mental, you are a spirit the spiritual. You will not experience, usually very often the spiritual energy because it is not need it. Mediums, channels, healers are the ones use that energy, those that work in the metaphysical world. But the energy is very powerful, and as you raise your vibration, bring yourself into a higher consciousness through your life, the more you become aware of the energy. But the energy is basically for when you pass over, when you come home to our world, when you finally leave your body. Everybody has to leave their body, nobody can stay on the Earth plane. Oh yes people live until they are 106, but nobody has lived 300 years. The more you understand energy, the more you can move on with your life.

You are trapped by the energy of past incarnations, you are trapped by the energy from your childhood, you are trapped in so many ways with energy from varies areas. Everyone of you has an auric field, and everyone of you has energy in that also, try to learn about the energy of the human body, the spiritual side of you. You do not have to be religious or holy, you do not have to do anything other than just learn. For as you learn you will then expand your consciousness and you will become a better soul. When you come home to our world, you return home, you will be much wiser in the awareness and knowledge of energy. I hope that you will do that, that you will learn more about energy. Thank you!