Video: You Are Unique

This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “You Are Unqiue”.

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Video Transcription:
Everyone of you, everyone of you is perfectly unique in your soul lessons. There is not one soul on this Earth plane who is exactly the same as the other in their learning. Oh yes they may look alike as in twins, triplets, and multiple children, but can I say to you, there is nobody the same as you. Even in those multiples, they all have different personalities, different life lessons to learn. You can have twins who look alike, who are almost identical to each other, and yet they are not the same in their soul learning, they are not the same in their soul growth because each of them has their own lessons and their own learning, and they chose, choosing before they come to the Earth plane to be that way.

What happens if you have two souls who can not get on with each other, they have tried and tried and tried to get on with each other and to understand each other, but they return home from their spiritual adventure on the Earth plane and still have not work out their issues. They may choose to come back as Siamese twins, they may choose to come back adhered to each other so that they can not leave each other, can not run away until the lessons are learned or until they pass into our world. We in our world assist you to come back to the Earth plane with your life lessons and learning. It is not sometimes good for us because you insist on being the way that you want to be, not the way that it will turn out to be. And so you come to the Earth plane, and all of sudden you are finding it very hard to live because in our world there is no self. So everything looks wonderful until you get here, and then everything looks terrible. But you can not change it, you can not go back. Once you have chosen your life, you can not make a detour.

Your life is one of many possibilities and many learnings, but you can not go beyond those possibilities and those learnings. You can not change anything once you are here. And to many of you it is as if you are living in hell. And you may be because you have chosen those lessons. Just know that we are with you from our world, even though we can not talk to you, you can talk to us. Express yourselves, express yourselves. Let yourselves be freer than you could be because we do hear your worlds. If we can, we do try to help you.