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Moving into A Higher Vibration – Part 2

These are some of the physical and emotional symptoms associated with the Photon Energy: HEADACHES: These can range from migraines to cluster headaches. For some reason women seem to get them more often than [...]

Moving into A Higher Vibration – Part 1

As we approach the year 2012, the earth plane is moving into a time when time, as you know it is changing. This has many causes. One is that your human bodies are reacting [...]

The Purpose of the Soul

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #243  from Maitreya Speaks Vol. 3.I was asked the other day why there are no books written on spiritual development. There are books in the world today on this subject, but [...]

You and Your Life

Over the last year, I have been in contact through my channel with many souls who complain of the fact that they are not happy in their life because of outside circumstances. Some blame [...]

Past Life Energy

In the next few years of Earth time, many souls will experience pain in their body which is not of this life. By this I mean it will not resonate from this Earth time, [...]

Anger and Forgiveness

So many souls are bringing to the surface incredible anger and frustration caused by others’ past actions and by even their own actions in their own life. One cannot move forward in vibration (raise [...]

Allow Others to Make Their Own Choices

Everyone on the earth plane is different to each other and as such has their own ideas as to how things should be. You tend to think because a certain way of doing things [...]


Forgiveness is something not easy to do; it should be easy but the Self-part of you will do all it can to bring anger and frustration into your life. It is hard to have [...]

Life Is about Your Own Life Plan

Those of you on the Earth plane have come to work out your own life plan, to repay karma and to live your own life. Many of you though, feel you need to live [...]

You Are Responsible for Your Life

Why do you have conflict with others? Usually it is because you have someone mirroring for you something you do not wish to see. You give so much energy to personality issues, likes, dislikes [...]