Speaking your Truth

//Speaking your Truth

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Being spiritual means that you are searching for the answers for YOUR truth. Each soul on the Earth plane is in their own hologram or their own reality. Despite living in a group environment on the Earth plane, each soul has their own reality and their own truth. Read more…

The subject of truth is very interesting because it asks many questions. For instance, “What is Truth?” Just the word, “truth,” can have a different meaning in every dictionary that you have. To be truthful means not to tell a lie, and yet what is a lie? A lie can be one man’s truth. This may sound like a Chinese puzzle but it raises quite an issue that humankind has not considered, and that is the meaning of “truth.” Read more…

Question: You are entitled to your own truth, learn to speak your truth quietly and clearly with love.

Maitreya: While, this is very important because everyone has their own truth. Your truth is not the same as Margaret’s truth. Even though you live together, share a life together, you have differences of opinion. People on the Earth plane are constantly trying to change people. Oh, I don’t like the way you do things, and so you have to change. But the thing is that it’s not about change, it’s about being who you are, and not trying to run away through other people.

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