Maitreya explains the different parts of the subtle energy body, and how each person is mind, body and soul.

Video Transcript:

Question: Can you discuss the subtle energy body system?

Maitreya: Well it is very simple, you have the mental part of you, the physical part of you, what is termed spiritual part of you, known as body, mind, spirit. There are those who would like to talk about many many different layers of energy, but basically it is all none important. What is important is that you are aware of your mental state, physical state, and your spiritual state. Your physical body is what you walk around in, but you are not that in reality, you are only consciousness, the soul. The soul and consciousness weigh hardly anything, very very little, less than one gram. The mental part of you is the mind. It is the part of you that thinks, evaluates, has logic, etc. It helps you in your daily life. There is a spiritual part of you also, it has two components: the Higher Self and the Self. It is on this Earth plane, your purpose to seek the Higher Self and remove the Self. When one can do that, than one is complete. If one is in harmony with one’s body, in harmony with one’s mental self, and without fear, and one is in harmony with one’s Higher Self, then you are on your way to what is termed a higher state of evolvement, higher consciousness.