Who is God?

//Who is God?

Maitreya discusses the energy known as God, and how God’s energy is free from judgment and criticism. God is energy and that energy only emanates the purest of love.

Question: Can you talk about who is God?

Maitreya: God is consciousness, God is a force and energy, and such it is separate to everything. It is a form of a energy, which if one draw on it with the right intent, it can comfort, sooth, rest, and give great support and ease. It is an energy that does not judge, does not criticize. I made a comment on my Facebook page you created for me about the fact that criminals, those in jail, those who have committed murder and done terrible things, when they come home to our world, they will be created just the same like everything else. My goodness did that evoke a lot of anger in your world at the time it was written. But you see a person may choose to go to jail or commit murder as part of their karma. They may choose to learn from an experience in jail, it maybe the only way they can do it. It is same as those who go to rehab, it the only way they can do it. Many who go to rehab are shunned, criticized, there is something wrong with them, even though they may get better and become consolers themselves. You look at life on your Earth plane they way it has always been looked at, right or wrong, true or false, etc. But it is not like that, it is what you choose, so if you choose to do something wrong, then when you come back to the Earth plane then you have to do that and do it again. You have a man in jail in this country. He has done some terrible things, and has never been allowed parole. He will die in jail, when he comes home, while he is on the Earth plane, he is what you termed as cocky, he has no regrets, and he will do it again he says. However, when he comes home to us without that cocky self, he is devoid of it, and is only in his higher self. In the hall of mirrors, he will have to see what he has done, without that self there, without that voice arguing with him (it’s her fault, it’s his fault, you were force into it, etc.). Whether he choose to do it as karma or pay back for what happened to him in a past life, he will have to see himself as he truly is, it is not a nice picture, for you have no body there making excuses for you, you have no body there telling you that you did it because you had to. You have one true verse in your Bible as you call it, in your teachings on the Earth plane that is so true, “only God can choose your punishment”. It all depends on what you came to the Earth plane to do. That man who is still in jail, still has not come to peace with himself, will have very difficult time in our world without his self there. So it is not easy.

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