Maitreya explains the reason why even when someone is a “good” person, he or she can experience difficulty in life.


Question: Why do bad things happen to good people in this world? Why does the woman who helps people all her life get mugged and killed at a late age? Why does things like that happen, it does not seem fair? Why does God let that happen?

Maitreya: While, God doesn’t let anything happen. Everything that you go through and experience is chosen before you are born. You choose a life plan, this life plan in your world is called your natal birth chart. From the moment that you are born, at what time you are born, that chart is in effect. It is ruled by planetary energies on a yearly bases, a life bases, and different ways. Even where you live is important to you. So when you experience something as you call it bad, you have chosen it. Some people choose to have it in their early years, get it over and done with. Others say no, I need to be more mature. Can I ask you what is wrong going home when you are older if you are murdered or mugged or whatever?You have such fear of death, such of fear of leaving your body and coming home, but most of that is the old adage that you are going to be judged or going to hell. There is no hell, you judge yourself. God is an energy, as you call it the ultimate being, divine spirit whatever people call it. It is universal love, it is the energy that overrides even we the master teachers, and it is an energy that is total unconditional love. It knows everything, there is a book you call it the Bible. There is a lot of true things written in that book, but there is also a lot of none true things. But one of the passages in that book is “God knows every hair on your head”. This energy Ultimate Being does know everything about you. It is amazing because my channel, she used to do readings for people to give them assistance on their life path, and many times these people would say how do you know that when she gave them information that they have never even divulged, some of it very private and personal, because the divine spirit/ ultimate being was giving them to us, so we can give it to her. Now she does not need we to give her the message, she has raised her consciousness so that she can communicate directly with that energy.