Relationships can be very hard at times, because they require you to have two-way communication, speaking and listening, with others who are involved. It is through relationships that you can work on your karma, past life energy and the life lessons you have chosen to learn. In a good relationship, you need to learn to express yourself, not only through speaking, but also through listening. Speaking your truth enables you to be truthful to yourself. Listening enables you to acknowledge another person’s point of view and their truth. When you can truly listen to what others are trying to say, take into account their ideas and suggestions, and compromise the differences without losing your own truth, then you have found a middle way to work things out. In this way, you can improve your relationships with others, because you have created a win-win situation, and your karma, lessons and past life energy will be worked out much easier.

True listening also means that you need to be totally your own person; to be true to yourself, to do your own thing, to follow your intuition and feelings, and let God and your Higher Self directly speak to you. Listening is not about following anybody else’s voice or allowing others to dictate to you. When you can truly be your own person, you are able to listen to another person’s point of view objectively, without involving your emotions.

However, listening to others can be a difficult exercise, because often the conversation is about someone else and usually spoken in a derogatory manner. It seems to be the habit of humanity to speak negative of other people. Very rarely do people speak in positive terms. In order to grow spiritually, you need to listen to others, but not to take literally what is said. It is important to realize what is being told to you is the other person’s truth. It is as they see it, and their vision may be clouded by their emotions. Often the emotions can be carried in anger or fear for many years, or even many incarnations. If the person cannot say anything good about the person whom they are speaking about, it is their problem. Somehow though, it often becomes your problem, and then interferes with the lives of you, and others.

In order to grow spiritually, you need to step aside from the gossip and chatter, and listen to, but not absorb, what is said. This can be a difficult task, because the Self loves gossip and chatter, and the more it can get, the better. So many lives are ruined by listening to the woes, troubles, problems and innuendoes of others. Families have been torn apart, marriages broken, and often the information given is not true, or embellished far beyond the actual truth. Next time you speak to another, try to say positive things about the person you are speaking about. Listen to your conversations, watch what you say to others, and listen to what others are saying to you. Finally, do not listen to gossip, chatter and negative words.

This card has presented itself in your reading today, because it is important for you to learn how to listen objectively and without emotion. This will bring you much clarity in all of your communications.

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