Maitreya Wisdom Cards


Maitreya Wisdom Cards all represent points of learning in the school of life. Every card in the deck has a mandala specially created for it. Mandalas are spiritual symbols created with color, and are used for meditation and contemplation. Both the colors and symbols used within each mandala are designed to assist you in connecting on a deep level with the energy of each card.

Maitreya has provided the teachings that inspire each card in the deck. Maitreya’s teaching is very simple, and that is to be the Master of your own life. This is done by disempowering what is known as the Self, and moving into the Higher Self part of you. The Self is the part of each person that is ruled by Ego and makes many of life’s decisions from a place of fear, pride, unworthiness, guilt or other similar emotions. The Higher Self is the intuitive part of you; the part that knows where to be and when to be there, to fulfill your personal life mission. Maitreya teaches that you can become aware of your personal life mission through Astrology, and understanding your Natal chart (also called birth chart). It is your Natal chart that reveals to you your personal strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and challenges and also what your purpose on Earth is, as well as your life lessons. By giving yourself a reading with Maitreya Wisdom Cards, you can gain further insights into what you need to focus on in the now moment, and also how to put those insights into action in your life to assist you in accomplishing your life’s purpose.

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