Many of us have no idea when we meet someone we do not like, and perhaps who we are critical and judgmental about, they are there to mirror something we cannot see in ourselves. In 2001, I had just moved into a new house, ironically, bought with the gift of money a Japanese client had bequeathed me; it was a lovely home, upstairs was a home with 3 bedrooms, lounge, dining, kitchen and bathroom, downstairs was a small one bedroom apartment at that time with no kitchen, but we soon installed one and it was ready to rent out. I had met a woman who became a great friend and as she had nowhere to live on her own, she was sharing accommodation with her friend, I offered her the apartment, she was overjoyed and moved in. I will call her Glenys, and Glenys soon settled in; she was a member of a local amateur theatre group, and a very dramatic woman. I also was dramatic emotionally, I had my moon in Leo, and as I have said many times, I was an Oscar winning performer when it came to emotions. As Glenys became a neighbor, she began to show the dramatic actress she was, and she WAS dramatic! I on the other hand had to see her every day with those dramatics. It took some time but one day I realized I was looking at myself, and she mirrored for me how I behaved when emotional; I was as dramatic as she was. To be honest it hit me like a ton of bricks, it was profound, and each day thereafter, she was dramatic, I saw more and more of myself in her, so much so I wanted her gone, I no longer wanted her in the apartment. My wish became a reality, and after a few months she moved out; I believe she moved out because she had done her job of showing me how I was emotionally, because until Glenys mirrored for me how I was, I could not see it. I put it down to the fact it was the way I was, my father was like it also, it was in the family; but of course I could not see how I looked to others when I had one of my emotional outbursts and the drama it created. For me, it was the most profound thing I had ever encountered and from then on I really tried to stem the emotional part of me, and as time passed I changed enormously in that area. Ironically, when she moved out she moved a distance away and so I never saw her again, but I will be ever grateful for her presence in my life and what she did to mirror for me a part of myself I could not see. As the years passed, I met other people who did the same thing for me in other areas of my life; not as profound as the dramatic energy Glenys had mirrored for me, but I was able to see a lot easier when people did mirror for me. I had conquered a lot of the metaphysical lessons I needed to learn, but still had private things which I knew were a waste of energy, but which I had difficulty changing.

Our lives are here to be changed, changed from the past life issues we have brought with us from past lives. For me, in a past life I had been a Medium also, and I had Leo as my Sun sign, I was as dramatic as I could have been, I was the Diva on the stage, and I was shown HOW dramatic I was in a meditation once. I brought it with me in my Moon sign this lifetime, you can ask why and it was because this lifetime I had new life lessons to learn and my energy needed to go into a different direction, however, the dramatic part of me from that life was still there and it needed to be stilled if I was to do what I needed to do for my destiny. If I did not do it, I would just be a mirror of the woman I had been in the past life. Having my Moon in Leo gave me the opportunity to see it (hopefully) and be able to change the patterning which had been there not only from that life but many other lives in between also. I wish you could have seen me in the early days, I was the Diva in every way, and looking back I am ashamed of my behavior but I had no awareness of it, I was just following a soul pattern from the past, and it needed to be changed! When I started my ‘spiritual path’ as I called it, I was of the impression just a few months of development and work and I would be where I needed to be; WRONG, I never realized it would take me over 30 years to finally reach the state where I no longer had any emotional drama, (I occasionally have an outburst when I am tired) and where I had detachment from the emotional body! The way I was though has long gone, and each rare time I do find myself becoming dramatic I am aware of it and try to contain it, or not allow it to linger long. I noticed too as I let go of the emotional part of me, I no longer could see or experience emotion in others. This was a huge awareness for me! I could no longer watch TV movies where there was a lot of emotion involved, prior to the realization of that I had been a mini-series junkie, and loved anything which had emotion as a part of the action. I also no longer wanted to talk as I had, and became quieter and more subdued. I stopped giving energy to anything which was emotional and found myself being at peace within my own silence.

There was one drawback to this, I no longer wanted to be a part of the crowd, the crowd who gossiped; criticized others, and made a big song and dance out of everything around them. I NEEDED privacy and when in that state was in a state of bliss. I could not even make conversation with my husband; I loved him very much, but found even small talk with him very intrusive in my life. It was as if I had left the world behind. It took a long time, a few years actually to get used to this state of being, but finally, I came out of it a different person. I realized I could communicate with people, but stay detached from the emotions. I stopped being involved in the lives of others, and if they were in difficult situations or in strife, I was understanding and compassionate, but no longer felt I needed to be involved, it was THEIR situation, THEIR life lesson or learning, I was in my late sixties when I realized this, and wondered why I had not done this before, but I was not ready in the past, I had to work through so many emotions and feelings to get to that state I was in at that time. Now I am learning to communicate again, but this time without emotion and drama, it is a never ending learning process. This time I am learning to communicate without the drama and emotion, but without seeming aloof, cold and unemotional. I am married to a man whose astrological make-up is to detach when the emotions get too severe in those around him, so I have a good teacher lol! I am sure I will learn and I will conquer this part of my next lesson. Moving to San Francisco Maitreya has told me I will be meeting many people, I can no longer stay housebound as I have been doing for the last five years, I need to socialize, and I will do. If you have anyone around you who you are uncomfortable with or who you do not like, ask yourself why, and look at yourself because you could guarantee it will be because they show you something in yourself you do not want to look at, and if that is the case, looking at it will enable you to grow a lot more vibrationally!

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