Winner or Loser

//Winner or Loser

In 1995, I was at the height of my career, I was a magazine clairvoyant in New Zealand, a radio personality also, and had bookings for readings ahead for six months. My then husband and I were considering buying our own home and had saved a substantial deposit for a house. In July of that year, a friend who was incredibly intuitive, but who did not use it like I did for a career, told me I would be going over a large body of water to another country and would be reading famous people and film stars! I was already doing well in New Zealand, so the thought of going overseas to another country really appealed to me and I saw myself becoming famous in LA and Hollywood in particular. Although my friend did not say the USA, I knew it was, and so in October of that year set off on a holiday for two weeks to Los Angeles. From the day we arrived, everything fell into place and I saw I could do very well there. I was a big hit, my energy brought me many contacts and brought people to us; it was amazing and I wanted more. Two weeks later I was at home, getting ready to close everything down to move back to the USA. I was 49 years of age that October, and ready to hit the big time, or so I thought. On our return to the USA, we had a visa for one year; we also had our house money and money we had borrowed from a friend. I was under an illusion! On our return to the USA, a lot of the people we had met and who said they would help us were no longer around. One man who had helped us a few weeks before and said he would help us when we returned, was suddenly in Rehab, apparently he had not told us he was an alcoholic, so he was not available either; the dream was becoming a nightmare.

That whole year I never read one famous person or film star, thank God for the money we had taken with us. I did do a few readings which kept the food on the table and paid for a short term apartment, but had we not had that we would have had no alternative but to return home. The one thing I did do a few weeks after we arrived, I was in the shower and was shown as clear as anything to create a course which would be known as a “Master of Metaphysics Course.” I told a friend in LA about it and she told me she wanted to do it. During the following year I taught the course in LA and Hawaii, it was very successful and I began my teaching career with this bigger course compared to the small workshops I had been doing until then. I still did readings, but the future I saw for myself did not happen.

In my birth chart I have Saturn in my 10th house, and having Saturn there means first of all I had to work hard to become known and get rewards, and any rewards would not come until later in life. The year in the USA sped by and I had to return to New Zealand. I had told so many people about my friend’s words, and they also expected great things to happen, but it felt as if I was returning to New Zealand with my tail between my legs! A loser, but when I returned to New Zealand, my new course took off, and for many years was a great source of income for me, as well as giving me the money I needed to do Maitreya’s work, creating his web site, having overseas travel etc. to spread his teaching. I began to look at my time in the USA as a winning time because it enabled me to change so much and gave me the course which is still in existence and continues to be taught today! Many at that time saw me as a loser, I basically had to crawl back, it was not a nice time at all.

Roll on sixteen years, I have a different husband, I am now a citizen of the USA and I was told by Spirit I needed to go to India. I went once and was a great success, the second time even more successful, and the third time? Well, it was as if everything shut down from the day we got there. Nothing worked, and it took me a whole year before I realized NOTHING WAS MEANT TO WORK! We were not there to work, but to be taken away from friends, family and familiar things, to allow us to work through many issues which we would not look at before! Alan, my husband had gone to help someone in business, and that could have been very good for him and the parties involved, but fear got in the way and it never eventuated. Two of our party, were in their Saturn Return’s, you could not have anything worse than a Saturn return for learning lessons. I had Saturn in Scorpio in my 2nd house transiting; it completely stopped my earning power, gave me only what I needed and taught me very interesting lessons about money and on not responding to the fear. It was hard, but the money was there, provided in different ways, but what we needed was always provided. I also provided the energy needed for the others to get through their lessons and learning. We learned so much and finally were told we could return to the USA. We had all passed the tests we had set up for ourselves before we were born; I was told MY Saturn learning was over, and so we booked our flights out of India. During our time away the Universe arranged for us to sell our security blanket, our home; we could not return to that home, our time where we had lived was over and it was time to open new doors. We are returning to the USA completely transformed individuals from the ones we had arrived as. Change had taken place. Some of those around us felt we had failed in our journey to India, I did not see or feel like that, we all feel we were winners. Why you may ask? Because we had completed the lessons we had set for each other, yes I had worked while in India, but nothing like I had done in the USA! I could not have worked like I did there and do what I needed to do in India.

I have been told our new life in San Francisco will be a new beginning for us, a very positive one and I believe it will be; the energy of our solar return and relocation charts indicates this. I believe it is our reward for the time we spent in India. For most of the time there I was a prisoner in my home, which was on the 23rd floor of a high rise apartment block. I went out every three weeks for a nail appointment, the rest of the time I stayed in apart from visits in the garden when it was not too hot. Was it hard being in India and experiencing what we did? You can guarantee it, it was VERY hard on all of us, but thankfully with our knowledge of astrology, we could see the why, how, what and who of being in India; it had transformed us. We also had the channeled messages from Maitreya. I feel sorry for those who sit behind a computer each day reading their Spiritual writings but never venturing out to experience their life lessons. There are many of them and some of them write to me and preach their truth and criticize my spirituality; but I know I can stand in front of God, and KNOW I have not sat behind a computer and run away from my lessons, God knows it too, and that is all that matters.

We all have our good times and our bad times, if you were to put a label on it, the last few years have been a bad time compared to before, BUT it was also an incredible learning experience, not only for me but for the others who came with me. I will be glad to move when we do leave, and to begin the new direction, there are no losers or winners, just experiences to enlighten one and make us more aware on our life journey. I feel I am a winner!

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