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In this focused one-hour reading, Jean Luo will discuss the health conditions you have chosen for yourself in this lifetime by focusing on your astrological birth chart. She will work directly with Margaret/Maitreya from the world of Spirit to provide the information about your health issues and problems whether you have chosen to experience them as a part of learning life lessons on your soul journey, or are they just a release and clearing of blocked energy. She will bring the clarity to the health issues you are facing or experiencing in your life. This will assist you to identify the root cause so that you can let go of the fear and worry which are holding you back. When filling out your form you will be asked your birth details, date of birth, time of birth (if possible), and place of birth.

The reading can be done in person, by phone or via Skype. The session is $120 USD.

Once your reading is complete, you will also be able to ask 3 post-reading questions that may arise over the next 3 months. You will receive a digital recording of this session.

Disclaimer: This reading is not meant to replace or negate any treatment or advice from your physician. It is meant to assist you to understand the root cause of your health issues from a metaphysical perspective.