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I have been asked “what is it like in your world?” It is not easy to put into human words, for it has to be seen to be believed. However, it is why souls do not want to come back to the Earth plane; until all souls can learn about our world, they are at a place where they need to come back to learn again the lessons of the past. Take my channel for instance, she has had incarnation after incarnation where she has not learned her lessons, and each incarnation has come home disappointed she did not learn them. Finally, she came to we Master teachers and asked us to help her in this incarnation, she had tried to do it herself many times, but was unable to do so. We and the junior masters who attend to the work of helping souls return, sat down with her and worked on how we could help her in this life.

She chose to have a difficult father, a possessive mother, and a brother also. She also chose to have a family trait of “nerves” and this made her very sensitive and in her early years; but with those “nerves” she also had amazing intuition. She chose to not use this intuition in her life until she gave birth to her first child, a daughter, and then to give this child away; as she had stolen a child in a past life and needed to give a child back! We worked out with her she would at the age of 29, move away from her country of birth and move to the other side of the world and begin life again away from anyone close to her. Even her brother, who had sponsored her move, had moved away, and she was alone.

At age 35, she would open the metaphysical door, after much fear and trepidation and begin her work with us. She would have seven years of training before I came into her life. Then 21 more years would pass, as I taught her about our world and the life lessons she needed to learn before she could be considered qualified to go out to the world and do the work she had come to do. Everything in her life was chosen by her; not all of the things she chose were able to take place. This was due to other people in her life having fear and changing their minds, their fear of her energy weighed more than their desire to change, which is what her energy is for, to bring change.

Whenever this happened, the Universe just opened a different door, perhaps not as good or perfect as the one she should have gone through, but another door just the same. It was not easy teaching her, she is a strong woman, she was stubborn, had enormous fear, and being sensitive it did not make it easy for her to learn. She also chose to have no left brain function either, so she could not be swayed by logic and education, which she used in past incarnations. She also had a strong Self, but her Higher Self was also developed, and that was a great to help us. And so, she is now ready to begin what she came here to do, that is to bring new teaching to the Earth plane, to help rid the Earth plane of fear and emotions that cloud the mind and spirit. Most of all, to teach humanity about our world, to take away the fear of death, fear of punishment after death, and to make the transition to their true home.

It is a huge task, but we have many people like my channel who are doing this work; at times it is a thankless task, it is a hard road, but she and those like her have given of themselves to do it. Many fall by the wayside, they cannot stand the pace. Many think they will get riches or special treatment, this is not the case; you are a soul on a path like everyone else, you have just chosen to work for we in our world. So far my channel has changed and learned much, and is no longer the soul she used to be. Those working with her, are also changed. She will hopefully return home not having to return to Earth again. There are many souls working for us, healers, teachers, those who are intuitive and see the past and future; many of them teaching about our world, and what happens after death. Our world is a real dimension, it is a place of peace. I will write more in my next newsletter, I am sure you would like to know.

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