Chiron and the Photon Belt

/Chiron and the Photon Belt

Chiron and the Photon Belt

As the Earth moves forward in vibration, many souls are finding it very hard to cope with the energy prevalent at this time. It is very important that those of you on a spiritual path understand the energy and its purpose. I have written on the website about the Photon Belt, so I need not repeat myself, however, I feel that I need to write about the energy and how to cope with it. Many of you have written to me and asked me what you can do about the hustle and bustle that you find yourselves in. Comments such as “Not having enough hours in the day” “Feeling pressured” and “Not being able to cope with even the simplest tasks” and “Difficulty in remembering things” have been the subject of discussion in your emails to Margaret and to myself over the last month of Earth time.

Many souls are finding it difficult to remember things, whether it be from the past, or from the present moment. This is because the energy is creating a situation of living in the now. More and more of you will find it harder to remember things. Instead of having fear over this, welcome and embrace this because it means you do not have to be bothered about the triviality of things. By living in the now, one is living in the moment. It is conditioning which states that you must do things this way, and you must remember that, yet why?

The Photon Belt energy is bringing a new vibration into the Earth plane, one where the past will no longer be important. It is also enabling a lot of souls to change their lives for the better, and move away from the conditioning of the past. If you cannot remember the past, then you are not bothered about it. It ceases to be a part of your incarnation. What is the past anyway, except old wasted energy? Yet, so many souls keep trying to hold on to that energy.

There once was in Earth terms, 24 hours in every day, now there are 12. Very soon there will be 10! This is because of the energy compacting and creating a time warp within the boundaries of the Earth plane. The presence of Chiron in the star system is also working with this energy to enable many souls to heal at this time also. It makes for one very powerful energy. Nobody can escape change!

As the Earth plane moves into this energy, and into a new vibration, humanity itself is fighting for its very survival, the Earth plane will see much war and strife in the next few years, as the old energy is brought to the surface and removed. It will take time, but eventually, the new energy will emerge. To those of you who are teachers, healers, and working for we in spirit, now more than ever, your skills are required. Learn to use the energy for the positive, do not fear it. Yes, it brings change, but it will be a better change, one that will bring in a new perspective to the Earth plane and one that will eventually create Heaven on Earth.

This is a re-posting of a message written by Maitreya on April 10, 2001.

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