Differences in Faith

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Differences in Faith

Everyone is where they need to be for what they need! Some souls are into the Christian religion, some into the Sikh, Muslim, Jewish faith, or other beliefs. For some it is connected to past life memories on a deep subconscious level; they do not know why they are drawn to their faith, but it can feel familiar to them. Some of those in a faith are destined to change in this lifetime as my Channel did, in her changing from Christian, and then searching for a faith, until I came along.

For those attached to a faith, it is their truth! You may think it wrong for them, but for them it is their truth and for that moment in time feels right for them. Do not condemn them for not believing as you do, where they are is where they need to be vibrationally, and only they can change their environment. The more you attempt to change them the more they will want to stay where they are, you are better to let them find their own truth, if they are to change they will find it! What is wrong with them being the way they are anyway? Is it so wrong to follow the way you wish to in your pursuit of God? Detach from judgement and criticism, it can only put a wedge in between your relationship, either consciously or subconsciously. Nobody is in the wrong place, you are the ones who think it, nobody else.

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