There are many souls who believe to be spiritual is to have all knowledge. They do study after study in the hope that this will enable them to raise the vibration.

Yes, it is in order to do study, but only if one is moving forward! What do I mean by this? Many souls do a course of study and then do not apply what they have learned into their life. They move onto another course as soon as they have finished the last one. It is as if they cannot wait to go into the next course of study, yet they have not applied the energy of their last study course into their life.

Raising the vibration has nothing to do with study and education. It has to do with letting go of fear, doubt, pain, hurt, jealousy, anger, frustration, and all of the negative emotions. Yes, there are courses out there which can help in understanding how to do this, even the Masters course we Masters created teaches about this, BUT until it is applied, all of the study in the world will not help.

The Self loves study; it loves education. Why is this? Because while you are studying, you are pre-occupied, you are busy with your studies and so cannot spend the time working on yourself. It will tell you that you are doing the right thing in doing so, but the Higher Self does not need education, it knows all the answers are within and once you ask and trust, eventually the answers will be there. There are souls who do course after course, study after study but never apply themselves or allow themselves to do the work involved in their study. Immediately they have done their study, they want the next course, and the next. Stop and ask yourself, “Am I stopping myself from growing and working through my own lessons by doing study?” If the answer is yes, then stop and reassess the situation, for you cannot move forward spiritually unless you have worked out your own issues, and you cannot work through those issues if you continually study!! It is in order to study, do not get me wrong, but after one course of study, apply it, then work it, and after doing that, move on to the next one.

This is a re-posting of a message written by Maitreya on November 2, 2004.

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