God Loves You

//God Loves You

God Loves You

It does not matter who you are, the Divine Spirit, God loves you! Whether you are a Prisoner, Nun, Thief, Prostitute, high ranking in society, beggar in the street, no matter WHO you are, you are loved! It is not until you return home to us when your life ends, you can see how much you are loved. The person you are is the soul in a physical body learning your lessons; it is NOT who you really are in our world. Here on the Earth, you are made up of your past life energy, and by the circumstances you choose in this incarnation.

That energy you know as God, loves you unconditionally, no matter who you are or what you have done. YOU cannot love yourself, and so see yourself as a lesser person, weak, ugly, uneducated, very few souls see themselves as beautiful, strong, etc.; you constantly put yourself down. You look down on those in jail, yet they are souls on a path like you. No one is better or worse than you, you have just chosen different lessons. Life is full of stories of those who have changed in prison and become model citizens! The same with those who take drugs, nod then cured, become Counselors. You are all learning, growing, leaving the past behind, trying to move forward.

Some will achieve their goals, others will begin and improve, but not quite complete, bringing them back for another round of incarnation, but at least they tried; some do not begin the journey. You say you feel alone on your journey, yet each one of you has the energy of God with you, but the Self part of you will not allow you to feel or see that! Tell yourself each day “God loves me, even though I struggle to love myself,” and never forget that. You are a soul on a journey, one day you will return home and no matter what your journey has been, or whether you succeeded on your journey, the energy of God will be there to welcome you home. There will be no God to judge you; do not fear, return home without fear. You are loved, believe that and it will be!

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