The Higher Self is Beginning to Take Control

//The Higher Self is Beginning to Take Control

The Higher Self is Beginning to Take Control

The Earth plane is changing and will continue to change, you cannot stop it; neither can you control it. The energy of the Earth plane is being purged of old stale energy. Over the next 15 years on the Earth plane, you will see more change than there ever has been. But, with change, comes fear. You will still see angry people, angry because they have much fear of change. The energy on the Earth plane now, what has been termed the Photon Energy, will bring so much old energy to the surface. You will still see poverty, war, and all of the energy which can cause despair and sadness. However, you will also see more and more people wanting to find out more about the metaphysical, more people turning away from the old ways.

The Higher Self in humanity is beginning to take control. The Self part of humanity, the ego you could call it, which has been in control since humans came to the Earth plane, is losing the battle of supremacy. Slowly over the last 100 years, many have come forward teaching new ways, what some would term “spiritual” ways. However, they are not spiritual, they are new teaching and they give a new perspective on life and life today. Progress must take place. If it does not, life becomes stagnant and stale; energy has to flow.  Life itself has to flow, it can only do that if it changes.

More and more people are wanting to find the answers to life itself, to past life knowledge, to what their talents are, and where they lie. They no longer want the way of the Self, which is hard work and often with suffering; they want to take the path of an easier way of life. Many are learning about creating their own reality, letting go of fear, and creating a whole new way of life for themselves. Around the world this change is happening. In India, it is creating many problems in families, as children no longer want to obey their parents as they used to, and want their independence and freedom. No longer in most countries is same sex marriage looked upon with scorn and amusement, it is now recognized as a true form of relationship and love.

If you were to look back over the last fifty years on the Earth plane, you would see in that short time, how much has changed. Look at your own lives, and at how much that has changed. Yes, there are many things which have not changed, but more has changed than has not. This change, as I stated at the beginning of this article, cannot be stopped, change within you is destined to be. If you try to fight the change, it will only create stress and dis-ease for the soul within you. Try to go with the flow and allow it to lead you to where you need to be, instead of where your Self wants you to be! You will be led and guided if you allow it. The Photon Energy is forcing the change, and little by little, you will be able to let go of the fear of change. In the long term, change will bring a better situation for all, but you need to go with the change to see that.

Fear is the block; let go of fear. Face it one fear at a time, and you will not only embrace change, but also have a new way of life. Speak your truth quietly and with love. You are destined to be your own Master, but you can only become your own Master if you create your own reality for YOU. Each one of you is different from the next person, even twins or other multiples have different personalities. You came through your parents, not FROM them. Let your children be whom they want to be, they are not YOU, and never will be, so how can they become what YOU want them to be, they have their own destiny! Once you follow your own destiny path, you truly live and fulfill your passion.

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