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It is so easy to get disillusioned! You are on the earth plane, surrounded by doubters, those who live in fear, the collective as some would call it ‘negative.’ It is even worse for those of you who have been through bad times, and experienced difficulty in the past. We say to you “have faith” yet we understand how hard it is to do that. When you despair and become depressed, when you fault your faith, you are not wrong to do this. It is hard to become positive all of the time; life itself can be so changeable, one day very good, another terrible, your planetary movements despite choosing them yourself, can be one day up and another day down.

The more you can put yourself in the positive energy of belief, the more positive in your belief the better. You are the creator of your own reality, but you also battle the game of life itself and then punish yourself because you cannot do that. Do as much as you can, yet do not despair or punish yourself for your failure to continue with it or do that. The more you try, the better you will become, and one day you WILL be able to manifest completely without hesitation. The more you punish yourself for your failings, the more you become depressed and sad, the worse it will be for you. Very few souls can manifest immediately without difficulty; it is a slow transition, but made worse by your punishment of yourself. When you find yourself doing this, affirm to yourself, “I will not feel terrible because I was not able to do it.” OR “I do not blame myself for my failure to manifest; I will not stop trying though.” Punishment of yourself is not the answer, pride in yourself at trying to manifest is worthy. Let go of self condemnation and you will find yourself manifesting more!


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