Learning Your Lessons and Avoid Creating Karma

/Learning Your Lessons and Avoid Creating Karma

Learning Your Lessons and Avoid Creating Karma

The purpose of your life on this Earth plane is to help yourself. This does not mean one should be selfish or egotistical, but that one should look at one’s own problems before sorting out those of others. Your Higher Self knows what you are here to do, what problems and fears you have to face, and if left alone, will point you into the direction to learn whatever it is you have to learn. The Self is crafty though, it does not want you to look at yourself, so it creates diversions for you to help other people or to do things which take you away from your own goals.

Your purpose in this incarnation is to look at yourself and work through the issues which are still outstanding in your Akashic Record. You can find this from your astrological natal chart. It is a blue print of who you are, and what you have left to work out. With this information and by fighting your fear, you can if you work hard, create the situation of not returning to the Earth plane again. In other words, you return home, never to come back again. The Self does not want you to do this. It has fear about this happening, because it has no life if you are not incarnating again on the Earth plane. The Self (Ego) cannot survive in spirit, only in the illusion of the Earth plane.

I have stated before, when you help another, you could stop that soul from learning very valuable lessons and stop them from growing spiritually and create Karma for yourself. God, or whatever you know that energy to be, would never approve of you taking on more than you can deal with, so every individual can surmount the most arduous and difficult of tasks. Humanity has shown in survival stories and examples of the most incredible audacity, under the most extreme of circumstances.

There is nothing you cannot do, absolutely nothing. Yet the Self says, go and help that person you feel sorry for, go do that job, etc., By doing so, you divert your attention away from your own problems and you do not realize this. It is only when you return to your home in spirit and have left the classroom behind, do you realize you have not dealt with YOUR own problems. Think before you offer to help someone “Am I stopping this soul from growing, am I creating more karma for them and for me”? Do the same each day as the Self creates problems for you to deal with which will take you away from your own problems and lessons.

It may sound cruel to you, for humanity has stated for many centuries, help your brother, help those in need. It is the way to do things. However, it is not the way to do things. Think on this as you go about your daily life. Look at yourself first, deal with your own issues, you will often find when you do, there is no or little time to help other people.

This is a re-posting of a message written by Maitreya on May 22, 2003.

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