Making Your Own Choices

/Making Your Own Choices

Making Your Own Choices

You and you alone are here to live your life. Nobody else can live it for you! Yet, you allow others to run your life, give you advice and guidance, often the opposite of what you have chosen to do, but are afraid to do. Your friends, family, associates at work, all live your life, and you, in your way, live their life. If you were to live your life with asking anyone else what to do or how to do it, you would never complete your life plan.

Yet, this is what you do. You have a fear of making the wrong decision or choice, yet whatever you choose to do, or make a decision on, you will learn from. You can say, “But, how can I learn if it is the wrong decision?” I will tell you, you will learn, you will learn for the next time what NOT to do. Try for one week to live your life without asking another person for help in decision making. Make your own choices and trust your feelings, for it is in this way you will sharpen your intuition and become more alert!

It will be a challenge, for you are so used to asking for advice! Before you came to the Earth plane you chose your path, your decisions, and choices. Yet, fear on the Earth plane stops you from doing it alone. It is safer to ask another, for if you do, then you have someone to blame if something goes wrong. If you make the choice not to make choices/decisions alone, you are NOT living your life as you have chosen, you are handing that power of choice/decisions over to another. Try to do it alone and grow; grow away from dependence on others, and become your own Master!

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