What the Masters Look Like

/What the Masters Look Like

What the Masters Look Like

Our world is not a world of angelic beings with Masters who look like Jesus, neither is it a world where we speak in hushed tones, and address others and Earth people as “My beloved!” We do not wear robes, and are just like you, except we can appear to you how you want us to be.

If you imagine us at Angels, that is what your mind will create. Most of those who help in the reception areas and arrival places are doctors and nurses who have passed to our world, and who do not have to come back to the Earth plane. The Masters are just teachers, they are not “Lord and Lady,” just souls who have ascended and who have incredible knowledge and wisdom from their earthly incarnations and spiritual experience.

We are not serious either, we laugh all of the time, but not at the expense of others. It has been known for us to wear jeans, yes jeans; for with our thoughts we can create what we wear, and that can be from any incarnation or time period. We have so much fun in our world, for we have seen through the illusion and the material needs. It is you who have your fears about our world, and often your fear can stop you from passing over! Our world is not only a place of rest, but also a beautiful world. For those who pass to our world, not one soul wants to return to your world. They just regret the things they planned to do in their life plan and did not do, or how they upset and hurt someone while alive. Let go of your fear of our world, and you will find it easier to return.

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