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When my channel Margaret married her husband Alan, her close friend, who was very intuitive, said to her after finding out they had birthdays only two days apart, “So, you are marrying yourself, I see.” Margaret did not understand this statement in the beginning, but as the years passed, she began to realize Alan was her twin except in a male body, and she was his twin in a female body. They mirrored for each other, not only the similarities between them, but also what they needed to learn from each other. It was not easy living with a copy of one self; watching your partner put their hands through their hair exactly the same way you do, and seeing how your partner does things as you do, exactly!

Have you ever wondered why Siamese twins are born? These souls have had many incarnations trying to work out their differences to no avail, usually running away from the learning or reconciliation. Finally, they chose to come back as twins, joined together, so they can no longer run away, and can only separate when the lesson/s are learned! This is the way some souls choose to confront those whom it has taken difficulty to work through their karma with in the past. Everyone who comes into your life in your incarnation is there for a reason. Unlike the twins, you are not joined, and you can still run away from the learning. But, when you see through the illusion the Earth plane creates, you can see the lesson/s you need to learn, and what that other person has come to teach you. It is no accident they are in your life; they chose to be there, so they can help you with your life lessons, and also to learn themselves! In the future, welcome those people who irk you, annoy and aggravate you, for they have come to mirror for you what YOU need to learn!

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