What Modality Should I Follow?

/What Modality Should I Follow?

What Modality Should I Follow?

I am often asked “Why are there so many modalities of knowledge in the world”? What should I follow? What is the truth and what is false?

In order to answer this question I need to surprise you and state that there is no true or false, there is just what one resonates with. Each soul is at a level of vibration according to where they were in their past incarnation. As the soul goes higher in vibration, they begin to see more of the truth. The truth is in their heart! On the lower planes of vibration the Self (Ego) is very prevalent, it will have you believing something is true because it does not want you to see the REAL truth. It is the same with those who channel.

Many people who channel do not channel the Higher energies, their Self does this channeling. It is done on an ego basis. Usually it has to do with control of the people it comes in contact with, the energy they originally channel may be quite high, but that energy will bring out their fear, doubt, insecurity, jealousy etc., and the Self will use this as a tool to have people follow. The channels fear, then becomes the disciples fear! All that he/she projects energy wise will be mirrored and those who have the same fears and negative emotions will be drawn into that energy, like attracts like!

A true channel wants nothing more than to serve spirit. Yes, they may earn a living, but after taking what they need to live, they put all they have back into the work. They do not request large sums of money for services rendered, they do not manipulate and they do not denigrate. For spirit will only speak of upliftment and give options of how to do things, spirit will never put one down or speak negative to one. How can one change the world if one stays in the negative? Only positive thought can instigate change! Recently there have been a lot of people discussing DNA re-coding, many souls feel this is the answer to their prayers, instant change. However, their is no such thing as DNA re-coding!

Only by changing YOU, and your internal programming can you change YOUR subconscious programming, and when you do, it will then affect those around you and your descendents. YOU have to do the work, there is no magic wand, no magic, only you working at removing what you have programmed yourself with in past incarnations.

YES, healing energy can assist this growth, as also can flower essences, crystals. past life recall, and many other modalities, but YOU have to instigate these, you have to release the emotions connected with this.

I have said before every soul has their own TRUTH, but when one leaves the lower levels of consciousness behind and rises through their own work to the higher levels of consciousness, especially to their merging with a Master’s energy, then all those souls see the SAME truth! There is no more illusion, for only the Self sees and seeks illusion! The Higher Self can only see the TRUTH and there is only ONE TRUTH when one reaches the higher levels of vibration. When these levels are reached one does not need modalities of knowledge, one has ALL knowledge, one has no need for the trappings of the Earth plane. Oh yes, one needs still to live, but nothing means anything anymore, there is no need for anything and one is at peace!

This is a re-posting of a message written by Maitreya on February 26, 2004.

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