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You are Never Alone

You are never alone. We are with you every Earth moment of every day. When you are down and feeling sad, we are with you. When you are happy and full of life, we are also with you.

It is part of spiritual development to go through highs and lows. One can be at the height of exaltation, so happy and fulfilled, then the next day, one can be down and depressed. This has to do with the action of spiritual energy affecting the glandular system. As the negative comes to the surface and is cleared away, it can often bring depression. If you know that this is the reason, and ride through it, then you can move forward in your development.

Your development cannot be rushed, for if it were, your physical body would not be able to cope. When you are in your low times, or you get depressed, just know that very soon you will be out of that state. Do not give in to feeling sorry for yourself, try hard not to let this happen. I know that many of you reading this will think I am writing this for your personally and I am. The Photon Belt energy is bringing to the surface lots of negativity, which people do not wish to know about. Many of you are going through dark times at this Earth time. Fighting the Self is not easy, but the more you take control and do not let it take you over, the more you will raise your vibration and move higher in consciousness.

It will not be an easy time for the Earth plane over the next few years, however, one can know that after the difficult time, will come more peaceful times. The other choice is to moan and groan about the state of affairs. Remember, how you think is how you live! You are the creator of your own reality.

The Earth plane is in transformation now and will be for some time. Look at your blessings, not your adversities. Do you have water to drink? If you do, then many do not. Do you have food on your table and are your cupboards full, if they are, you are better than some who have nothing. Be thankful if you live in a country free from war that you do not have those conditions. You are indeed blessed if all of those things apply to you.

As the Earth plane moves into another year, I would like to wish all of you my continued dedication to this web site and to your concerns. I may not be with you in the physical, but I am with you whenever you think of me in spirit.

This is a re-posting of a message written by Maitreya on December 29, 2002.

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