Past Life Energy

Before you are born, you choose your life lessons and all you need to fulfill those lessons; until you can work out the issues pertaining to the lessons, you cannot move on and are trapped in the past. For instance if you require money, but have not worked through your lessons in regard to money, you cannot generate what you need because you still have not moved away from the old energy and until you do move away you cannot move forward.

How do you move away? It is facing whatever it is you have fear about; let me give you an example. You have chosen in this lifetime to share your wealth or the money you have. In a past lifetime you were mean and very private with your money, not sharing and hoarding or holding on to it. You never shared it, and bemoaned all who asked you for assistance. In this incarnation you have chosen to change that energy and to not only share what you have, but to help those in need.

You earn a good income, more than you need for yourself and begin to get requests for assistance, but the past memories on a sub conscious level put you immediately into the past and instead of sharing and giving, you hold onto your money as tight as you did in the past, and so you do not get rid of that past life energy, entailing another incarnation to try and work through it again.
Your birth chart will give you the information you need about this subject if it is relevant to you, everyone has their own lessons to learn, but often do not know what they are. Only by finding out the lessons you came to learn, can you begin the path of change and move forward raising your vibration along the way.