Respect for all Beliefs

/Respect for all Beliefs

Respect for all Beliefs

There are many belief systems on the Earth plane regarding God, all of them are what the people need at that time in their lives. There are some who cover their bodies from head to toe in black, leaving only the eyes to be seen; there are those who live in a life with no electricity and who are shunned in their community when they stray away from that community and religion. There are those who have multiple wives; there are those who worship on a different day to most Christians and also many sects of the Christian church!

Whatever way they worship, it is a way of communicating with God as they believe that energy to be. Each of them has a different view of God. No two people see the same God, but they follow the tenets of their faith and do the best they can in their belief system. Because they worship differently to you should not concern you; it is where they are in their life, some like my channel will change their belief and faith in this life, others will stay until their death, but whatever they do, they do HAVE a belief. Yes, there are those with a belief that have twisted the words of God, or their prophet; these too are where they need to be.

To have a faith makes one’s life easier, for it is a trust in God and participation in a community. GOD IS NOT TO BE FEARED! Many of the faiths though have a belief they should fear God; God is not to be feared! The energy that is God is not to be worshiped, nor to be feared, it is an energy which sees all, understands all, and knows why things are the way they are. It is unconditional in its love of you, compassionate to your suffering. It does not judge or criticize, and it cares for YOU.

Once you have the lifeline, and believe and have faith in that lifeline, it is as if you have protection, despite any suffering you are going through. YOU choose that suffering as part of your life plan, you choose it to learn and grow through situations you need to learn, or from past life experiences still unlearned. If you have a belief system, and believe in God, you have a source of comfort. Of course the Self will do everything it can to dissuade you, but the Self does not stay for long. It does its work of destruction and mayhem and then leaves, leaving you to work through the issues. But usually, God, the energy, will create a situation to bring you back to your belief again.

My channel had such an experience once, where she was insulted in the press, had a few friends because of this, shun her. Her Self came in and told her she was on the wrong path, she should move away from her faith and take a new path. The Universe the following day sent her email from people she had helped. Someone sent her flowers; she could see the wonderful work she had done, and decided to stay where she was despite the bad press happening at that time. She knew her chosen path was the right path!

Over the last 30 Earth years we have sent you teachers, messages, and communications which have told you to let go of guilt, fear, doubt, and shame, and to know God loves you, no matter what you have done. YOU are the one, or should I state the Self part of you is, which judges and criticizes. God wants to see you achieve and grow. No matter what your belief system, understand and respect every other belief system. It is not what you wish, but those who do worship differently, are where they need to be at the time. You are all on a path, on a spiritual journey, even if you are an atheist; live your own journey and let others live theirs without judgement or fear!

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