There is No Right and Wrong

/There is No Right and Wrong

There is No Right and Wrong

What is right and what is wrong? There is no right and wrong! It is humanity which makes the judgement on this, those who make the laws and decisions. You have a law in some countries and cities about marijuana, and it is banned in certain places, yet is is a wonderful medicinal tool, and can be used as a relaxant. If people wish to use this plant they should be allowed to do so; banning it only makes people want it more!

It is the same with many other things. Why should people be banned or stopped from doing what they desire? You each have your own truth and that truth is yours alone, it should not impede on someone else’s belief. You are on the Earth plane to live your own life, not the life of others. Once you do that and let go of your judgement on people, you can then move forward on your soul path a lot faster. It does not matter what is right or wrong, what matters is what is right for you. The answer can be found in your natal chart (birth chart) and in your own heart. Once you live your own life and stop trying to change another person, you can truly move forward on your soul path.

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