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Self and Higher Self

Each one of you has a Higher Self, yet very few of you understand it. Even with the Self part of you, you do not know how it controls your life. It has driven many to suicide, and stopped them from achieving their goals, for it creates fear of what it does not know, and will do all it can to keep you in the comfort zone in your life. The Self is a formidable foe and is ruthless in its persecution of you. We, the Masters, can assist you to understand the Self part of you, and teach you of your Higher Self. But, even then, the Self will tell you one or all of the following: You cannot afford the lecture, you do not have the time, you do not need to know this, you have something else to do on the day, the Self can also make you sick; it will do all it can to stop you.

The workshop I will teach through my channel Margaret is very comprehensive; not only that, if you can avoid the Self sabotaging you from learning, you will gain insight into a very important part of your life. Until you can control your Self, and it will do all it can not to give in, you will never be able to be your own Master, as the Self part of you will keep you enslaved! I will be doing this teaching in April, I hope you will be able to join me and learn about this very important part of you.

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