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Many people ask me, “Why cannot spiritual development happen quicker than it does?”

We ourselves wish that this could be so, but it needs to happen slowly because if not, your physical bodies would not be able to handle the energy. As one raises the vibration on ones body, this has an effect on the whole glandular/hormonal system. It affects each one of the Chakra’s, and starts the process of release of all negative energy within the soul system.

This release can take many years of Earth time. Were this to happen quicker, the body would not cope with the influx of energy. Once you start your path to spiritual development, you cannot go back. One can remain stagnant if one does not choose to face the fears, and release all the negative energy, but one cannot go back. As you move forward, more and more of the negative energy is released and eventually there is nothing left inside of you. When that happens, then you are one with God, or the Divine Being. You then reach enlightenment.

The path to enlightenment is not easy and much sacrifice has to be made, some will be your choice, others will be what we in spirit lead and guide you to. For when you start your path, you also enlist the help of the Masters. It is we Masters who assist you, much to your Self’s frustration, to reach the Higher Self.

We do not wish to hurt or harm you, but sometimes, the journey to enlightenment can be a painful or difficult one. YOU choose which way it will be. The most important thing to learn with development on a spiritual level, is patience. Without patience, you will not move forward.

This is a re-posting of a message written by Maitreya on November 25, 2002.

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