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Spiritual Teachers and Students

Recently, a friend of my channel mentioned to her that someone she knew and was a strong follower of my teachings was looking at another teacher! She was very indignant about this. Margaret asked me what my thoughts were on this, and I said I was rejoicing. She was very surprised, and asked “Why?” I told her, because it showed the person was moving on, not only in evolution soul wise, but my teaching had enabled this. The person was once a very religious person, very fixed in their religion, but through searching and educating itself, it had found my teachings. For 10 years they had been a loyal follower of my teaching, and will continue to do so, but they are also seeking new teaching.

The core of my teachings are for the soul to become their own master. My teaching is for those who are leaving their present way of thinking, and want to learn new information. All teachers should rejoice when students move on, for all teachers are there, like me, for a specific time in their students’ lives. There can be many reasons a soul moves on, a teaching or new teacher may be what the soul needs at this point in time to further their learning. One does not need to know why the soul makes the choice, only that for a soul to be truly their own master, they need to make their own choices. For those who have a fear of losing students or disciples, their fear will stop the flow of drawing in new ones. Once again, the energy of study and teaching, is energy. All energy has to move, and as such, as one student leaves for higher information, then another one will walk in the door! Just as when you spend money, the Universe will replace it, if you allow it to flow away and do not have fear, so the same with students and disciples.

A spiritual teacher allows the soul to move on, and should be happy the soul/person came into their life for a period of time. My channel was once a Christian, one day she had an awakening and chose to leave her church; she tried other churches, but the same feeling pursued her. She then started searching through other faiths, and other teaching. She became a Baha’i faith follower for four years, but despite it bringing her great joy, it did not agree with her intuitive side and her personal belief in past lives. She then found spirituality through a friend, and began her training in becoming a medium. It was then I came into her life and began my teaching.

Can she move on from me and my teachings? Unfortunately not! Her destiny is with me, but she does not need to move on, as I teach her all she needs to know. If a soul/person wishes to move on or move away, let them go, they will find their next teacher or teachings and begin more learning. You can never get enough learning. Learning does not stop on the Earth plane, and if one wishes it, it continues in our world also. Let those who want to move on do so. Have no fear, be happy they have passed through your life and teachings when they did, and wish them well with their next teacher!

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