Being True to Yourself


Did you know that spirituality is not about denial, struggle, or being anything special? It is not about withholding from eating meat or fish, it is not about being good and holy either. Spirituality is about being true to yourself, honoring who you are, being honest with yourself, and admitting you have faults and are not perfect. Spirituality is about learning about your spirit, your soul, and how to live knowing this.

So many do not know who they really are; they live a lie, but are not aware they are doing so. Only when you open the door to the spiritual side of yourself, can you begin the work of becoming spiritual! It is not about perfection, one cannot be perfect on the Earth plane. Nor, is spirituality about dominance over others. A truly spiritual person does not want acclaim or dominance; a truly spiritual person is humble, does not care about prominence, is only interested in their own lessons, and quietly strives to learn them. They do not interfere with the lessons of another. They do not influence others either.

Each of you is a soul alone, striving to find the answers to your own life, your own soul! Spirituality is about admitting you are wrong, and having no concerns over this. It is about humility, compassion, understanding, and the truth of being true to yourself. You are here to live your own life, face your own issues, and not to run away from your destiny, for so many do! Even my channel ran away from her destiny for 14 years. Only, when you are true to yourself, then you can call yourself spiritual!